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'没有期望就不会失望 '这句话用英语怎么说

没有满心的期待,就不会存在所谓的失望 1 Disappointment results from full expectations 2 There's no disappointment without full expectations

No expect,no disappointment。 那么这句中的expect和disappointment分别是什么意思,怎么运用呢?下面告诉你: expect v. 1,认为(某事)有可能发生;预料 it's as well to expect the worst 也要作好最坏的打算 2,认为(某人)…可能做某事 ...

The `expectation has not been able disappointed'

Without hope there will be no expectation; without expectation there will be no disappointment. 英语解释: Disappointment arises when expectation is not fulfilled, and expectation comes from the hope that something can become a...

if you expect nothing, you will never disappointed. 我觉得失望说的这个人的主观感觉,之前的希望也是一个自己心理的一种期待,所以用了expect.

Without expectation far from despair

darling,i hope i donnot make your waiting waste

你好! 永远都不要让相信自己的人失望 Never let anyone who believes in you disappointed

When you get enough disappointment, you will not have more expectation.

"失望一点点的累积,累积到一定程度,我的心就麻木了" "Disappointed a little bit of accumulation, accumulated to a certain extent, my heart is numb" 望采纳 谢谢

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