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bearing housing [英]ˈbɛəriŋ ˈhauziŋ [美]ˈbɛrɪŋ ˈhaʊzɪŋ 轴承体 [例句]Lift the bearing housing and check the chain installation if necessary. 必要时抬高轴承壳...

bearing housing [英][ˈbɛəriŋ ˈhauziŋ][美][ˈbɛrɪŋ ˈhaʊzɪŋ] 轴承体;

1. Journal bearing materials should perfectly have the following characteristics: Good compressive and fatigue strength; good heat conductivity; 译为:径向轴承材料应有以下良好特性:良好的抗压性及疲劳强度;良好的热传导性。 2. Ch...

5.EP line 6.claw 7.lines in front of filter 8.pressure control housing 9.oil channels in the crankcase and connecting rods 10.oil bearing area ......

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