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turn sth on its hEAD

意思是: 1 完全改变了... 2 完全错误理解...

turn on its head 打开它的头

turn envy on its head 把嫉妒

turn on one's head 打开一个人的头 例句 He thought: In the clockwork of the head, two cogwheels turn opposite each other. On the one, images; on the other, the body's reactions. 他以为:在人脑机件里,有两个朝相反方向转动的齿轮。...

turn things on one's head 在某人头上转动东西 你的采纳是我们继续答题的 动力O(∩_∩)O~

The opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing in a few days will turn Shakespeare on his head. Suddenly from the whole world being a stage, China will own the entire stage - and the whole world will be its rapt audience....

这是一种把事情在他们的头 kind of [英][kaind ɔv][美][kaɪnd ʌv] 稍微,有点儿,有几分;

turn one's head 英[tə:n wʌnz hed]美[tɚn wʌnz hɛd] 词典 回头;掉过头来;回首 1 Suddenly turn one's head, lights wanes to the close place, chinese economy still laughs aglitter to the world. 蓦然回首,灯...

turn my head toward是“把头转向。。。” 貌似没有 hold的搭配 有个"lower the head toward"是“向什么什么低头”


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