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[best mascara for short lashes]Mac magic extension mascara review: Super lengthening fibres for a high

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  While fibre mascaras are not anything new (there are some great ones already in our round-up of the best mascaras for 2021) what sets this one apart is it contains one of the longest fibres on the market – 5mm-long fibres to be exact.

  The extravagant fibres create a false-lash effect, so this isn’t for anyone who likes their make-up to look natural, and is more for those looking for an alternative to their falsies or lash treatments. Looking into a magnifying mirror, we found at just one stroke we could see the fibres stick to the lashes, crosshatching to create not only a fuller look but a lengthening effect too.

  The formulation adds to the drama with its curl-power, providing a lash-lifting effect that does as promised – provide instant eye-opening curl. And don’t expect any of the stiff, brittleness that you may have found with other volumising mascaras. The lash-nourishing formulation keeps your natural flutter flexible thanks to the hit of olive oil extract.

  While the formulation is everything when it comes to this mascara, the brush also has a role to play. The 5D brush coats and stretches lashes from root to tip, and the tapered shape allows you to get into the inner corner too.

  For best results, we found that pressing the brush into the roots and wiggling through was the best technique to get the most out of the mascara. One layer provides natural volume and two will give you a more intense look. Go for three if you want high impact, but don’t layer anymore unless you want to end up with clumpy, spider lashes.

  This mascara is a must-have for those that love the look of falsies, extensions and lash treatments and are looking for something to va va voom their flutter in-between appointments. Equally, it makes a brilliant alternative for those that don’t have the time, money or patience.

  When it comes to volumising, this mascara had some serious short, blonde lashes to contend with, but it turned out they were the perfect match. The inky black formula added intense pigment highlighting a flutter that normally looks barely-there without colour, and made the lash line look full instantaneously.

  From day to night, you can keep it simple and more natural with a quick layer for daywear or intensify with another layer or two for drama. We found the key with this mascara is to never overdo it or you will end up with clumpy lashes.

  The full-lash effect coupled with the lash curling formula creates an eye-opening effect that only a great mascara can achieve. Expect it to stay in place throughout the day with no flaking. And as an added bonus, while it doesn’t claim to be waterproof, we didn’t experience any smudging in a sweaty gym session or class.

  Mac knows how to make high-performing cosmetics, and this is another option to add to its long line of hits that will no doubt be another bestseller for the make-up brand.

  If you’re looking for that false-lash effect with thicker, fuller and longer lashes you’ll love its boldness, but it’s important to note this is not a suit-all formula if you look for a more natural effect from your wand.

  Is it better than the other game-changing formulas of 2021? In one word, no. But it does pack such a volume-building punch that’s sitting up there firmly amongst them.