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[bondi boost reviews]TRIED & TESTED: I trialled Bondi Boost for 8 weeks to see if it’s really magic for thin hair.

  Together, they're said to?address common hair issues like thickness, length, volume, texture and breakage? – which reads like a checklist of my personal hair baggage, tbh.

  If I believed the hype, I was promised stronger, healthier-feeling strands with less split ends. Little more convincing was required, I was already in the shower lathering up.

  According to Bondi Boost, the products work to protect, nourish and “help reduce the signs of hair ageing”. As stated on the brand's website, “Each BondiBoost formula contains carefully selected organic essential oils and actives to effectively cleanse each strand while depositing powerful anti-oxidants directly to the scalp to maximise hair health.”

  Reading up on the reviews of the?entire BB range, I saw overwhelmingly positive feedback – the sentiment was more around the general healthiness of hair after use, although a lot of users mentioned they felt their growth had sped up, too. Here are just a few:

  ”After having babies my hair was so thin and kept snapping off. I now use this daily and my hair is now so thick it's heavy. In a good way!”

  I have been using Bondi Boost for a month now. I can't say that I've been astounded by the growth as such, but my hair definitely feels better.”

  ”Not only is it helping my hair grow, my hair constantly feels amazing and healthy.”

  When I looked into the products further, the other thing that impressed me was the company's ethical stance and low environmental footprint (because this should be on everyone's agenda in 2020). The Australian-made products are cruelty-free, contain organic ingredients, are sulphate-free, paraben-free and DEA-free.

  All that aside though, I wanted to see for myself if I? could attain 'influencer hair' by simply switching out my shampoo and conditioner and adding a daily treatment.

  Read on to see how it went down.

  For disclosure, I don't have a problem with hair growth. My hair actually grows ridiculously fast, but it's the quality of that growth that I have a problem with. It sprouts into split ends which inevitably dry out and break.

  I had balayage done at a salon early in 2019, which probably didn't help. In December, I chopped it off to a shoulder-length lob. Some of my balayage remained, and my ends still felt dry.

  Before-and-after-cut-1200-x-800 Before and after my chop. Image: Supplied.