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[pumpkin designs templates]Among Us Pumpkin Carving, Cookie Cutter & Halloween Costumes: It’s a Halloween miracle! | The Sports

  Among Us Pumpkin Carving, Cookie Cutters & Halloween Costumes make up the perfect combo to make this Halloween special one for Among Us fans!

  Any new game is cause for excitement. Any great new game is cause for joy. But when it comes to Among Us, one of the simplest yet best games made in a long time, it’s a cause for celebration! And that’s what fans of the game seem to be planning for this Halloween. The Internet is full of searches for different kinds of innovative methods to help create an Among Us themed Halloween. And from the list of numerous searches people are making, 3 have stood out. That’s right! Pumpkin Carvings for decoration, Cookie Cutters for candy and Halloween Costumes for… well… you get the idea!

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  Pumpkin Carvings are the stock mode of decoration when it comes to Halloween. And video gamers have begun the trend of carving their Pumpkins after their favourite video game animations over the last few years. Minecraft, Mario, Pac-Man, all popular games have made it to the pumpkin at some point in time. So, this time, it seems, the hour has come for the new favourite from 2020!

  The one major advantage that Among Us has over other games is its naturally haunting aesthetic. The kill animations and basic aura of the game are those of cold-blood and suspicion. So, it makes for the perfect Pumpkin Carving to sit on your lawn and spook as well as impress people.

  The process is very simple. Just make a stencil of any cool animation you like by tracing the outlines. You can use a computer app to ease things but if you’re a good artist, hand-made stencils work just as well. Then use the stencil to carve the equivalent shape on your pumpkin. Then, light it up and set it on your lawn! Bingo!

  Here are some wonderful designs?you can use.

  Another way fans have been looking to spice up their Halloween is by making Halloween shaped candy. The idea was suddenly put out on the Internet by a very talented fan who shared this post on Reddit about 3 weeks ago. And sure enough, as Halloween is slowly creeping upon us, the idea just seems cooler by the minute.

  Making candies, cookies and other sweets that look like Among Us characters is a great way to show one’s love for the game. So Among Us cookie cutters are now out in stores online to help you bake your favourite shape of cookies! Of course, you can do it without the cookie cutter as well if you’re good with your hands and a knife. But usually, people don’t like the extra fuss, so they’re purchasing the cookie cutters instead!

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  Fans of the game will know that cosplay has long been a trend in Among Us. People dressing up in unicolour body suits with Covid facemasks make for hilarious costumes. So, this Halloween seems like the perfect opportunity to take to the streets as little pea-shaped assassins!

  Apart from that, players have also been looking up tricks to get Halloween skins in the game. Innersloth has already released this year’s Halloween skins. However, if you wish to be more unique, you can always use this secret trick to wear last year’s Halloween skins too!

  In the isolated and abnormal world of Covid, Among Us has been great tension relief. The fun, social atmosphere of the game is a great pastime. And this Among Us themed Halloween attempt by the fans is another example of how the game has helped make life colourful for us again!