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[full set acrylic nails]Cardi B’s Nail Tech Created A Line Of Press-On Nails That Are Blinging

  Cardi B’s Nail Tech Created A Line Of Press-On Nails That Are Blinging

  Getty Images/Angela Weiss

  By emerald elitou ·

  July 1, 2021July 1, 2021

  When it comes to celebrities with extravagantly blinged-out nails, Cardi B is at the top of the list. Since the “Up” rapper stepped on the scene, Cardi caught the attention of many nail art enthusiasts with her beautifully embellished stiletto manicures designed by the “Queen of Bling” Jenny Bui.

  Instagram/Nails On 7th

  Imagine our surprise when news surfaced that we can finally get our hands on the eye-catching acrylic nail designs inspired by the “Press” rapper. Let us fill you in… On Jun 30, Bui took to Instagram to announce her collaboration with manicure and pedicure brand Markartt to release her very own ready-to-wear, blinged-out nails.

  Instagram/Nails On 7th

  Using her more than two decades of expertise, the Cambodian-born nail technician and owner of Bronx-based salon Nails on 7th designed a collection consisting of six glamorous sets of press-on nails that are perfect to wear for any occasion.

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  With such a well-known client on her roster, you’d think the cost to get her signature crystal bling nails would be outrageous. But, fortunately for us, the price is perfect for treating ourselves to an at-home manicure for just $22.99 per set.

  The nails are available to shop starting today on Makartt.com. Will you be wearing the new bling?

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