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[bikini vs brazilian wax]6 After Care To Consider After Your Brazilian Wax


  6 After Care To Consider After Your Brazilian Wax

  There is nothing more satisfying than having a freshly waxed body, the feel is out of this world. While so many focus on what to do before waxing, very few consider aftercare.


  Once you’ve made it through the tough part, which is the waxing and the pains that come with it, it is all about taking extra care and caution for the next 48 hours. Below are some things to consider:

  Avoid swimming

  The feel of wearing a bikini and diving in the pool after a smooth Brazilian wax could be overwhelming, however, you should avoid large bodies of water that could contain bacteria. You could avoid this for some days to save yourself infections that could cause itches down there.

  Stay out of the sun

  The first 48 hours after waxing, your already delicate skin down there is even more vulnerable. So while you may be dying to throw on your bikini the second you leave the salon, keep in mind that sensitive skin is more susceptible to U.V. rays. This can lead to permanent sun damage and/or hyperpigmentation.

  Take showers instead of baths

  It is better to take showers for the week after. Running water from the shower will be cleaner than sitting in bath water, it makes you more prone to infection.

  No sex

  This one is a pretty standard rule most waxers will warn you about, however, it is easy to forget. Any kind of action down there—sex in particular—can lead to discomfort. It can cause excessive chafing from friction on extra-delicate skin.

  Go for loose clothing

  One thing to keep in mind both before you head into your appointment and after, anything tight-fitting can rub raw spots and irritate. You will want to give your leggings a break for a few days and stick with maxi dresses, flowy pants, and breathable cotton fabrics.

  Avoid intense workouts

  Another reason to give leggings, and your body, a rest. Activities such as running, aerobics, or cycling can cause friction in treated areas, and sweating can also be irritating. In other words, use this as an excuse to hit the couch for a couple of days. You deserve a break.