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[how to get rid of neck wrinkles]Exercises To Keep Facial Wrinkles At Bay

  We do lots of various types of exercises to remain fit, keep body healthy and for various types ailments. In old age, facial wrinkles is the main issue and everyone trying various types of exercises or any other remedy to get rid of this wrinkle problem. There are various exercises, which help the skin to be more flexible and adjusted. It additionally further develops bloodstream and lymph stream eliminates puffiness and makes facial highlights more expressive. Here we look at few exercises to control facial wrinkles.

  You need to do a warm-up of your face with your hands before starting these exercises.


  This exercise will help you in increasing forehead muscle tone.

  * Place fingers on your forehead.

  * Raise and your eyebrows like when you do when you are surprised.

  * Ensure no creases on your forehead. Repeat this exercise ten times.


  This will help you prevent wrinkles around the eyes.

  * Take your eyes in all directions, left to right, right to left, top to bottom and bottom to top.

  * Your jawbone is immovable and only your eyes should move. Repeat five times for each eye direction.

  3. “O” EXERCISE.

  Just put your mouth in the shape of O and even you can pronounce the sound O loudly. Repeat it ten times.

  4. SMILE.

  * Pull your lips into the mouth.

  * Place fingers on the corners of the lips and press.

  * Pull corners of lips to your ears.

  * Return to basic and do ten repetitions.


  This exercise is best for wrinkles andthe reason for this activity is to eliminate the twofold jawline and increment muscle tone in the neck.

  * Put your tongue and point it up.

  * Turn your head halfway up and turn towards the right.

  * Lift your chin, hold and back to normal position and repeat it ten times.

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