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[why are geminis so]The most annoying quality of each zodiac sign

  close?The most annoying quality of each zodiac sign

  Each one of us has a quality or quirk that makes us unique. It is because of these personality traits that we stand out from others. In addition, what one may find charming in us may seem to be annoying for others. This is the most important aspect of human nature – each of us is different and has various likes and dislikes. Though it is difficult to put a pin on what characterizes an ‘annoying’ person, astrology can help get an idea of it. Here’s a look at the really annoying zodiac signs, ranked from most to least.


  Aquarians tend to see everything on a grand scale. Often, when it comes to connecting with people, they become distant and impossible. In addition, if you find it too annoying, you can choose to go away. An Aquarian won’t feel bad about it.


  Aries just know exactly how they want things to go and they are going to do it like that no matter what. While this seems admirable at first, it gets old fast when every little thing turns into a major battle.


  Cancers are too emotional and shed a lot of tears over trivial things – making it annoying for a few people. But the same quality helps them ensure their friends and family have everything they need.


  Capricorns are too focused on efficiency and practicality, and that can come-off as mean and annoying to others. However, they don’t mean to come across as cruel. They only do so to ensure security and productivity.


  Geminis are very unpredictable and it is very difficult to know what they are thinking. They adjust their own personality from one moment to the next to make themselves as attractive as possible to everyone they meet.


  They require a lot of attention and praise to be happy. They just can’t stay out of the spotlight. Although people find this annoying about Leo, they do have a huge heart with plenty of room for all, which shouldn’t be forgotten.


  Libras tend to seek out shiny objects and big parties rather than deeper connections and sentiments. However, they also are great at balancing stuff and can devote all their energy to make everyone around them happy.


  Pisces tends to forget that not everyone feels things as deeply and honestly as they do. They open themselves to everyone, and are always surprised and devastated when they get hurt.


  They rarely have a dull moment in their lives. They are always looking forward to the next big idea and adventure, which can be too tiresome and overwhelming for their close ones to cope up with. And if they aren’t able to match the pace of a Sagittarius, they are left behind.


  Scorpios are secretive, manipulative, and dramatic – qualities that make them very annoying. One has to put in a lot of effort to get close to them.


  The most annoying thing about Taurus is that they are quite stubborn, and no one can argue with them once they have made up their mind about something. On the other hand, they are quite protective of family and friends.


  They are very obsessive and picky. In addition, Virgos tend to be cynical quite often. However, if they feel like people are listening to them and making necessary changes, they will relax and show you their fun side.