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[how to dry nail polish fast]Quirky beauty hacks by social media influencers

  The world is taking risks, trying out weird but surprisingly effective procedures for skincare and makeup hacks that are life-changing for some. These beauty hacks could either break or make your day, you just need to follow the steps wholeheartedly and take a risk.

  These hacks are pervasive all over social media and tried out by numerous influencers who are disseminating these life hacks via tiktoks and reels.

  1. DIY brow lamination

  Step 1: Apply eyelash glue on your eyebrows in a thin layer using a mascara brush.

  Step 2: Apply eyebrow perm the same way and wrap a plastic sheet over your eyebrows for 2 minutes. This will make your brows fluffier and more defined.

  Step 3: Apply some eyebrow fixation using a thin brush and re-wrap the plastic sheet over your eyebrows for a minute.

  Step 4: The last step is applying some cleaner using a mascara brush and you will get your perfectly laminated eyebrows. You can also use some eyebrow dye or mascara to give more color to your brows.

  2. Long-lasting perfume

  -Apply petroleum jelly before spraying your perfume on that particular area. This will make the fragrance last longer.

  3. Quick dry nails

  -Applying nail polish at the last minute and you don’t have time to sit and dry them, just take a bowl of ice water, and dip your nails for a quick and clean finish.

  4. Perfect eyeliner

  -For an immaculate eyeliner look, just cut some tape and stick it at the corner of your eyes according to the width and length of the eyeliner wing you are going for. Just start drawing with the help of the tape and after completion remove the tape for that perfect wing.

  5. Shaving trick

  -Instead of using shaving foam, use a hair conditioner and shave your legs using a men’s razor for a fast, soft, and smooth finish.

  6. Redheads and dye

  -Mix ? cup of water with a cup of natural cranberry juice and wash your hair with this mixture as a final rinse in your shower routine. This will bring out the colors and give them a shinier and healthier look.

  7. Supple lips

  -Instead of using lip balms that contain dehydrating ingredients like menthol or phenol, use nipple butter (a product created for breastfeeding mothers) to keep your lips soft and hydrated.

  8. Eyebrow cuts

  - Apply a transparent, non-toxic glue stick that is washable, on a part of your eyebrows to make it look invisible so that you can create a razor cut effect and style them whichever way you want.