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[summer pedicure]Five steps to the perfect pedicure

  Put your best foot forward this summer with the perfect at-home pedicure regime.

  During the winter, feet are locked away under thick socks and warm, closed-toed shoes – which is why they deserve extra love in the summer months.

  With a salon-like pedicure easy to achieve at home, here are five simple steps to becoming sandal-ready:

  Step 1: Puff, puff, and away

  ”Swollen feet and ankles can be linked to magnesium deficiency and fluid retention. An Epsom Salt foot bath is a traditional remedy for this, as it can replenish magnesium, while also helping to flush the body. An added bonus is that it also relaxes tired, aching feet. Use a cupful of salts in a foot bowl of warm water and soak for 10-20 minutes,” recommends Penny Hamilton, Founding Partner, Westlab Mineral Bath Salts. Why not check out Westlab’s Epsom Salts?

  Step 2: Super scrub

  Buff away dead skin cells to leave behind baby soft feet with Urtekram’s Coconut Body Scrub. Formulated with organic virgin coconut oil and hyaluronic acid to smooth and strengthen skin, the scrub leaves behind a natural coconut sweetness. Feet will be left feeling ready for some pampering.

  Step 3: Lather up

  After exfoliating, always moisturise to ensure feet are nourished and softened and to prevent dry, cracked skin. Slather feet in a rich body lotion and allow to soak in for a couple of minutes.

  Step 4: Pick your colour

  ”You should always use a base coat for pedicures as this will not only protect the nails from discolouration but act as a primer for the colour, making it last longer. This is important on toes as we keep this on for longer, making the risk of discolouration greater,” advises Lynn Gray, Mavala’s Skincare and Nailcare Expert.

  Choosing a pedicure colour is always a fun task, especially with the bright summer shades on offer. Opt for a bold coral such as Mandalay from Mavala’s new Flower Magic collection, and once you’re done, remember to add a top coat.

  ”Always apply a top coat when you have finished your pedi, as it will add a perfect shine to your nails and protect them from chipping. Reapply the top coat every three days for maximum protection,” Lynn explains.

  Step 5: Refreshing spritz

  Keep pedicures feeling fresh on the go with Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Hand Hygiene Spray. Although primarily used for the hands, the fine mist makes for the ideal uplifting spray to give feet a refreshing boost. With anti-bacterial properties, foot hygiene won’t be a worry – meaning your pedicure can last longer care-free!