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[cute memes]Meet—and Meme—Harry Dank! All About the Olympics’ First Viral Star and His Relation to Flag Bearer S

  July 24, 2021 – 10:24 AM


  Jessica Sager

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  Sue Bird Harry Dank

  (VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

  The 2020 Olympic Games just got underway in Tokyo on July 23—and already, we have one of our first viral Olympic stars. Meet Harry Dank!

  On July 23, Dank became an instant social media sensation while watching the Tokyo Games’ Opening Ceremony at home with girlfriend Nancy Taylor Bird, mother of Olympic basketball star and U.S. flag bearer Sue Bird.

  When the Olympics broadcast showed Dank peacefully tuning in from his recliner in Melville, N.Y., the world fell in love. Below, find out what we know about Harry Dank and behold the best Harry Dank memes so far!

  Prior to going viral, the internet shows little record of Dank, which only makes him all the more fascinating. However, here’s something interesting to note: There is a Harry Dank on Facebook, whose profile states that he lives in Great Neck, N.Y. (about 20 miles from Melville on Long Island) and that he graduated from high school in Baldwin, another Long Island town. Meanwhile, Nancy Bird‘s Facebook profile likewise notes that she attended Baldwin High School. Maybe this was a case of old chums reuniting?

  Some Twitter users couldn’t help comparing Dank to Ken Bone, who went viral during the second 2016 presidential debate essentially for wearing a red sweater and basically appearing quite precious.

  Harry Dank: The Ken Bone of the 2020 Olympics. pic.twitter.com/Qe8yvMEXJs

  — LAJ (@SiebsJessen) July 24, 2021

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  Others championed Dank, who paired a Team USA Basketball T-shirt along with his glasses, white tube socks, sneakers and jeans, as the true mascot of the 2020 Olympics.

  The Olympics opening ceremony mascot is hereby officially Nancy Bird’s boyfriend, Harry Dank.

  — Chelbie Birdwell (@chelbiebirdwell) July 24, 2021

  Harry Dank is my fav Olympian’s mom’s boyfriend

  — Mike Catron (@WatchTheBoxes) July 24, 2021

  Still others likened him to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who got the meme treatment for wearing cute mittens at President Joe Biden’s inauguration in January. Like they did with Sanders, social media users have already started Photshopping Dank into entirely silly settings—including seated at the inauguration alongside Sanders.

  Icons Bernie and Harry Dank pic.twitter.com/NsWemEkNMY

  — Mark Arnold (@moronicmark) July 24, 2021

  Another famous spot where Dank’s already turned up? At Jeff Bezos‘ spaceflight landing!

  Good job Harry Dank was at the landing site to meet Bezos’ capsule and welcome the crew back to Earth pic.twitter.com/fVasX7QSrL

  — Tim Wagner (@timwagner66) July 24, 2021

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  Why not? Here’s Dank at the Overlook Hotel’s Fourth of July Ball from The Shining,

  OMG Harry Dank was was at the Overlook Hotel Fourth of July Ball too. pic.twitter.com/T7Sjbd3VzP

  — Mark Arnold (@moronicmark) July 24, 2021

  Dank taping Wayne’s World in Wayne’s basement in Aurora, Illinois, alongside Mike Myers and Dana Carvey? We’re not worthy!

  Party on Harry Dank pic.twitter.com/Y2KSIwmrg6

  — SportzStew (@sportzstewcom) July 24, 2021

  Not content to pal around with just one famous NBC comedic duo, Dank also hangs in Joey and Chandler’s apartment from Friends. (Hey, he’s got the recliner already!)

  This wasn’t Harry Dank’s first time on NBC pic.twitter.com/cVB8HFv5U8

  — Mark Arnold (@moronicmark) July 24, 2021

  Boldly going where no Olympian’s mom’s boyfriend has gone before, here’s Dank aboard the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

  We got Harry Dank though pic.twitter.com/RjL7Us1mAm

  — Christian Strickland (@cspropane) July 24, 2021

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  Some even appointed him the next leader of the free world.

  This is the night Harry Dank became president.

  — Tyler Chapman (@TwoChapz) July 24, 2021

  Others pointed out that no matter who wins at the Olympics, Harry Dank (even more than the viral Tonga skier Pita Taufatofua) was the true winner of the Games.

  The guy who wanted to steal the show vs the guy who actually did. Just give Harry Dank the gold. pic.twitter.com/OZHlzm93Iv

  — Alisun Jane (@AlisunJane) July 24, 2021

  Next, find out how to show your love for Team USA with Olympics emojis (Including Simone Biles)!

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