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[bella twilight wedding dress]‘Twilight’ wedding dress now available for purchase


  The Bella Swan wedding gown (Courtesy Alfred Angelo.)

  The actual gown Bella, aka Kristen Stewart, wore in the film was designed by Carolina Herrera, who told the Associated Press, “The inspiration became a little bit by the book. … And the description of the book, and the magic and the moment that is the wedding and also about [Bella’s] personality which is very important in a wedding gown.”

  Herrera will sell the actual gown in her CHNY boutiques next year, according to Reuters. No word on how much the dress will cost, but Herrera’s gowns retail for thousands of dollars.

  For the Twi-hard with an average bank account, Alfred Angelo has created a sanctioned copy of the gown for $799. The dress, which features a row of buttons down the lacy back, went on sale today in stores worldwide.

  Perhaps the dress is only the beginning of your fantasy “Twilight” wedding. Hot Topic sells a replica of the hair comb Bella wears on her big day, as well as her engagement and wedding rings, for the reasonable price of $28.

  The complete experience, however, is a quite a bit more costly. Centives.com crunched the numbers and determined that the extravagant ceremony would cost around $38,000. The majority of the budget would be spent on flowers, which should not come as a surprise to anyone who has seen the lush set.

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