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[what does it mean if you dream about your ex]Who is the Maple Leafs’ newest Arizona kid? Meet Matthew Knies, a power forward in the making – The

  If you ask around the hockey world about Matthew Knies, you get a lot of different answers about the Maple Leafs’ newest top prospect.

  It turns out that he contains multitudes.

  Knies, they’ll say, is big, at 6-foot-3 and 208 pounds — a frame that is already ready for pro hockey at just 18 years old. But he wasn’t always.

  He’s also incredibly bright, which makes sense, given he is the son of an aerospace engineer and a doctor.

  And while he grew up in the non-traditional hockey market of Phoenix, he also has deep, deep ties to a top European hockey nation, going back to birth, and speaks Slovak at home.

  He also knows Auston Matthews, which should help ease his adjustment process, from junior to pro, in the Leafs organization.

  In fact, that Arizona connection was on the top of Knies’ mind when the Leafs made him their second-round pick on the weekend at the 2021 NHL Draft. They were the team he wanted to go to because of Matthews, more than anything else.

  A welcoming text message from the Leafs superstar after Knies became the 57th pick put an even bigger smile on his face, too.

  “He’s the kind of guy I looked up to and wanted to play like,” Knies said of Matthews, who he has trained with since they were 6 and 11 years old, respectively, with skating coach Boris Dorozhenko.

  “Being an Original Six team, having a player like Auston Matthews on the team — that’s the one team you dream of to go to when you want to be drafted.”

  A father’s love of the game

  Miro Knies grew up loving hockey in Bratislava, Slovakia.