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[detangling shampoo]The Benefits of a Custom Hair Care Routine

  Most times, hair care is segmented into categories that address one hair type or concern. “That kind of mass generalization is ineffective, unsustainable, and not inclusive,” says Michaux. “With Prose, our goal was to create a customized product, recognizing that no two heads of hair are the same.” Considering individual hair needs and preferences is key, and with so many different elements that contribute to hair condition and health, building a system that addresses both type

  and the external factors is ideal. “Two people can seemingly have the same hair type, but they have very different hair-care rituals and preferences when it comes to the desired result,” Dahlander tells Coveteur. “To reach those specific results, they are certainly going to need different products and routines.” Barnao notes that “a lot of people have the same goal of wanting healthy hair, but based on hair type and texture [it] requires different ingredients to get there.” Taking your hair’s history, as well as your daily styling routine, into consideration is the first step in creating an impactful hair-care regimen.

  Certain ingredients just work better with specific hair types, and knowing what’s compatible with your hair is the first step to finding the right products for you. “For Ouai’s Daily Care line, we created formulas based on how wide one single hair strand is. This helped us determine what ingredients to use for fine, medium, and thick hair,” says Dahlander. “For example, our

  Thick Shampoo and Conditioner uses marshmallow root to help detangle hair while washing,” Dahlander states. Lifestyle and daily routines also play a big role in how your hair and scalp behave. Things like weekly workouts, air pollution, and a stressful work environment can impact your hair-care needs.

  A personalized routine wouldn’t be complete without the opportunity for refinement. Our lives and environment are constantly evolving, so shouldn’t our hair products and routines, too? By assessing the performance of product formulas after use, necessary tweaks can be made.

  I believe we can all attest to that feeling of relief after finding products that play well with your hair. A customized routine takes the guesswork out of the process of searching for that perfect routine. Instead, the expert-chosen products come directly to you. “With customized care, you will experience a much healthier head of hair and scalp, making your hair more manageable and easy-maintenance,” says Dahlander. “The same goes for styling; if you have the right product, the styling will be a breeze instead of a hassle.” A balanced routine based on your individual hair and scalp needs not only takes the frustration out of shopping, it also eases the strain on your wallet by lessening the need for excess products. “The goal of a custom hair routine is to feel happy with the results and gain confidence in your hair-care routine,” says Barnao. A confidence boost is a plus, but I’d say

  finally finding the products that make your curls pop or give you a Cindy Crawford–inspired coif without damaging your hair is the most joyful moment of all.