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[waxed and waxed]’Vaxed and waxed’: Vancouver’s No5 strip club welcomes guests back with hilarious signage

  One of the city’s most popular dance and pub showrooms features an eyebrow-raising message welcoming customers back after a lengthy hiatus.

  Located at 205 Main St. in Gastown, the No5 Orange is hard to miss — the entire building is orange and the club’s awning has a nearly neon hue.

  But a recent message on the No5’s marquee has passerby doing double-takes.

  ”[We’re] back vaxed and waxed,” the signage informs prospective patrons.

  Additionally, the strip club shared a post on Instagram that informs people that staff are ready to bring “the same magic that you came to love before.” That said, they add that new staff might be “a little rusty” and that guests must “follow guidelines.”

  First and foremost, however, the No5 says to “have fun.”

  In January, another strip club offered some levity on its marquee.

  ”Better security than the US Capitol” read the all-caps letters of the sign at the Penthouse Nightclub.

  The comment, of course, points to the apparent ease with which insurrectionists under the banners of “MAGA,” QAnon, Proud Boys, and other extremist movements, were able to crash the barriers and gain access to the capitol building and disrupt the U.S. Congress as they debated certifying the results of the 2020 presidential election.

  With files from Lindsay William-Ross.