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[best eye primer]Check Out These 7 Popular New Concealers of 2021

  Welcome to the ‘just a little concealer under the eyes for everyday makeup’ club.

  It’s somehow tiring to imagine a time where make-up was an everyday ‘essential’, when these days we’re hiding acne-patches under face masks and Googling ‘best eyebrow gel’ as a one-product-wonder. It’s true, coming from a generation of smokey eyes and ombre brows, we have had plenty of trends to play around with already. This is a time for concealers time to shine. Or accurately; correct, conceal and brighten.

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  Luckily, it’s a good time to be in the market for a new favourite concealer. 2021 has seen the release of some concealers that are relatively unique, diverse, and exceptionally impressive. Here they are:

  Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Eye Base. (Image credit: Bobbi Brown)

  What it’s great for: Moisturising under the eyes so that a little concealer goes a longer way.

  If you notice cracks in your concealer applied and proceed to cover up with more concealer, consider an alternative method: star with a good primer. This all-in-one cream hydrates and plumps the eye area for a cushiony finish, all ready to absorb a smoother application of your concealer. It has Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter to keep the skin moisturised.

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  Fenty Beauty Bright Fix Eye Brightener. (Image credit: Fenty Beauty)

  What it’s great for: precise shades and blending into skin.

  You could get away with looking like you have zero concealer on, and maybe that you’ve enjoyed 8 hours of good sleep. Fenty Beauty‘s Bright Fix Eye Brightener comes in 16 shades, including four colour correcting shades, designed to blur, hydrate and brighten the under-eye area. It’s made with the HydraBlend Complex so the formula is flexible in coverage, and is even nourishing with jojoba oil.

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  Sephora Collection Best Skin Ever Concealer. (Image credit: Sephora)

  What it’s great for: Thick coverage that won’t compromise.

  Made with vegan formulations and anti-pollution properties, the liquid concealer offers heavy coverage for a very extensive range of shades. Luckily, it doesn’t dry out the skin when it’s got hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and algae extracts. There’s the Sephora Collection Classic Concealer Brush 02 to go with it too, and a Best Skin Ever Foundation too.

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  Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer Duo. (Image credit: Laura Mercier)

  What it’s great for: Correcting skin tones with more precision.

  This double-ended concealer makes it easy to colour over dark circles, while it’s pretty spot-on for blemishes too. Both ends have high-pigment, skin-nourishing formulas; one end to correct and conceal, and the other with brightening pearls to dab on radiance. Ingredients used include lotus flower extracts and murumuru seed butter for a creamier texture.

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  YSL Beauty Touche éclat High Cover Radiant Under-Eye Concealer. (Image credit: YSL Beauty)

  What it’s great for: A more hygienic application than double-dipping your brush, and a very smooth texture.

  The popular Touche éclat is improved with the new Touche éclat High Cover Radiant Concealer, which offers higher coverage than its predecessor. This concealer’s formula is highly buildable, but you might find that a lighter layer than your usual amount offers just enough coverage when it simultaneously reflects light away from the skin.

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  NudeFix Cream Concealer. (Image credit: NudeFix)

  What it’s great for: Water-resistant, long-wearing coverage (aka the one you use to your yoga class)

  The Nudefix Cream Concealer was created using a super-gel technology to fill in lines and smooth texture. Its soft and lightweight formula also absorbs sebum, preventing oxidation that can cause concealers to look slightly ashy after a few hours. There are 13 shades but for added assurance, the formulas contain adjusting pigments to blend seamlessly with your natural skin tone. Like all Nudeskin products, the concealer is made with skincare ingredients like sweet berry extract and vitamins.

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  Marc Jacobs Beauty Accomplice Concealer & Touch-up Stick. (Image credit: Marc Jacobs Beauty)

  What it’s great for: High-pigmented coverage with without using a lot of product.

  It’s not always you get both full-coverage from a stick concealer, but Marc Jacobs Beauty’s new one has found something better than a compromise. There are 17 shades available, and like all stick concealers, these are also good for covering up blemishes and scar precisely. It’s the concealer you want to have with you on-the-go.

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