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[best hair color for stubborn gray]60 Awesome Things That Are Really, Really Cheap On Amazon

  Sometimes you had no idea something was missing from your life until the second you realized it existed. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for these life-improving discoveries to be on the more expensive side — and it’s a bit of a bummer when they are. Occasionally, though, you find a product that’s affordable, but extremely practical, so you can boost your efficiency, improve your space, and enjoy a little self-care, all without breaking the bank.

  According to real reviewers, Amazon is a treasure-trove of these hidden gems that cost only a few dollars. Typically, the wide selection means that there’s a gadget for every need — and since countless sellers are all competing against each other for the buyer’s attention, this drives the prices way down. The smart shopper can then discern the worthwhile buys using reviewer comments and high ratings. Or, even easier, they can check out this list, which rounds up all of the best products for people who appreciate value, efficiency, and functionality.

  Don’t be fooled by these shockingly low price tags, though. Hundreds of reviews swear that these 60 things on Amazon are really cheap, but will actually improve your life every time you use them. You may just wonder how you ever got along without them.

  Cafurty Stainless Steel Soap BarAmazonCafurty Stainless Steel Soap Bar

  Even though it’s made out of stainless steel (so it won’t strip your skin’s moisture with harsh cleansers), this bar still removes unwanted odors from your hands. The steel binds to sulfur molecules in foods like fish, garlic, and onions to leave your skin smelling fresh, and according to reviewers, it “actually works very well.” At $6, it’s a no-brainer for your household or the chef in your life.

  Fantasea Natural Bristle Body BrushAmazonFantasea Natural Bristle Body Brush

  This $4 body brush from Fantasea has natural bristles on one side and a wooden handle with a strap on the other. As a result, it makes it easy to scrub, dry-brush, or exfoliate any spot on your body. “So far I am very impressed with the low cost and superb durability of this item,” one reviewer wrote.

  Pre de Provence Artisanal French Soap BarAmazonPre de Provence Artisanal French Soap Bar

  Opt for one of the dozens of scents for just a few dollars a bar. This Pre de Provence artisanal soap uses old-world methods from France. It creates a rich lather for cleansing, but also deeply hydrates your skin with shea butter. More than 12,000 reviewers have given it an overall rating of 4.6-stars, and one wrote that it’s “some of the best soap [they’ve] ever used.”

  YIHONG Fairy LightsAmazonYIHONG Fairy Lights

  Since you get two 16-foot strands for about $11, these YIHONG fairy lights break down to just cents a foot. Still, their lightweight design, flexible copper wire, and battery-operated power make them easy to hang, while the remote control (with eight modes and automatic timers) helps you to set the mood your way. They also come in orange, warm white, and bright white.

  Hoter Sport Wristband Wallet (2-Pack)AmazonHoter Sport Wristband Wallet (2-Pack)

  Whether you’re going for a run, playing sports, or headed to a concert, the Hoter wristband wallet has reviewers writing things like, “Genius! I love these!” The sweat-wicking cotton feels comfortable on your arm, while the zippered compartment holds your cash, cards, ID, or house key on your person. It’s also available in nine colors, and all of them come in a pack of two.

  Amco Enameled Aluminum Lemon SqueezerAmazonAmco Enameled Aluminum Lemon Squeezer

  “Who would have thought that this old fashioned device would work better than an electric juicer AND be easier to clean up afterwards!” one reviewer wrote about the Amco citrus squeezer. Even though it’s hand-operated, it’s made from aluminum for quick, seed-free citrus juice — and you won’t have to fuss with batteries or outlets, either. Get it in yellow, orange, or green.

  Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Double-edged MandolinAmazonKyocera Advanced Ceramic Double-edged Mandolin

  Unlike many other options, this Kyocera mandolin slicer uses a double-edged ceramic blade, so it maintains its edge for up to 10-times longer than stainless steel. It’s also lightweight and easy to use over most containers, so you can julienne vegetables, shred lettuce, and make chips in a few easy motions. It even comes with a slider to protect your hand.

  Maxracy Silicone Garlic Peeler (2-Set)AmazonMaxracy Silicone Garlic Peeler (2-Set)

  Simply throw a few cloves into this silicone peeler and roll it along the countertop. The ridges inside will remove the skin, so your garlic is ready to chop. Each order comes with two rollers, which break down to $3 each, and they’re easy to rinse clean when you’re done. One buyer called them a “must-have item,” while another said, “I wish I had found this earlier because I would have saved a lot of time cooking.”

  SpaLife Invigorating Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil Foot Sockies (8 Pairs)AmazonSpaLife Invigorating Spearmint & Tea Tree Oil Foot Sockies (8 Pairs)

  “These booties are the bomb! They smell great and moisturize well; I treat myself to them twice a week,” one reviewer wrote. They’re designed to moisturize dry skin, soften and remove stubborn calluses, and help to reinvigorate with tea tree and spearmint oil. Since you get eight pairs for $20, they’re an affordable way to pamper yourself at home.

  DASH Rapid Egg CookerAmazonDASH Rapid Egg Cooker

  Why would a $20 appliance have over 40,000 reviews? Because the Dash rapid egg cooker makes breakfast, snacks, and appetizers infinitely easier. At the mere press of a button, it poaches, scrambles, hard boils, or soft boils up to six eggs at once and to perfection. Get it in your choice of six colors, each with several egg-cooking accessories that fit inside for compact storage.

  Starfrit Rotato Express Electric PeelerAmazonStarfrit Rotato Express Electric Peeler

  If you make mashed potatoes often, the Starfrit Rotato Express will “seriously [save you] SO MUCH TIME,” according to reviewers. That said, this automatic electric peeler also works for various other fruits and vegetables like apples, eggplants, zucchini, lemons, and onions. The nonslip bottom keeps it steady, while the base offers storage for the additional blades.

  Hometown Bagel KnifeAmazonHometown Bagel Knife

  “I am a bagel [lover] and am always trying to get a nice even slice without cutting myself or ripping off the last quarter end of the bagel,” one reviewer wrote, and the Hometown bagel knife was the solution. Its food-safe plastic holds the bagel perfectly in the center while its stainless steel blade works its way down the middle. That way, you get two evenly sliced halves every time — and the knife is dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

  Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn PopperAmazonOriginal Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper

  The Salbree popcorn popper has over 23,000 reviews, 80% of which are perfect five stars. It’s designed to turn loose kernels into fresh, delicious popcorn using just the microwave, without burns and using any toppings you like. It also collapses flat for easy storage, and it’s available in just about any color you could want.

  Tinkle Eyebrow Razor (3-Pack)AmazonTinkle Eyebrow Razor (3-Pack)

  I’ll never again be without a set of these Tinkle razors. Each one has a tiny, gentle stainless steel blade, which works especially well for shaping eyebrows, removing unwanted hair, and exfoliating away dry patches. Best of all, they break down to roughly a dollar a razor.

  Modfamily Silicone Stretch Lids (7-Pack)AmazonModfamily Silicone Stretch Lids (7-Pack)

  Instead of rifling through your drawer of lids looking for just the right size, reach for one of these Modfamily silicone lids. They’re stretchy and rip-resistant to fit a huge range of containers in various shapes and sizes, plus they create an airtight, spill-resistant seal. They’re also BPA-free and capable of handling both the freezer and the dishwasher.

  JUEYINGBAILI Fabric ShaverAmazonJUEYINGBAILI Fabric Shaver

  Using its sharp but protected blade, this fabric shaver removes fuzz and pilling from various materials without causing damage. That means your sweaters, leggings, sheets, cushions, and drapes suddenly look like they did the day you bought them: “All my worn clothing now looks brand new and now I don’t have to toss them out,” one reviewer wrote. Since it’s handheld and battery-operated, you can use it just about anywhere.

  PXBNUYA Hanging Sphere LightsAmazonPXBNUYA Hanging Sphere Lights

  “I want 40 more,” one reviewer wrote about these hanging sphere lights. “Photos and videos do not do these justice.” They’re waterproof for outdoor use, dimmable for various settings, battery-operated so you don’t have to worry about outlet access, and remote-controlled so you can choose between eight different modes. In other words, they’re an easy, affordable way to add a magical touch.

  Aduro AquaSound Shower SpeakerAmazonAduro AquaSound Shower Speaker

  Stick this Aduro AquaSound shower speaker to your tile or glass using the built-in suction cup. Then sync it to your phone using Bluetooth; it’ll play your music through a clear, waterproof speaker. It’ll even allow you to make hands-free calls using the built-in microphone. On-device controls let you easily change the song or the volume. If you love the idea but not the pattern above, it also comes in 11 other designs.

  YIOVVOM Vehicle Automotive Cup Holder Garbage CanAmazonYIOVVOM Vehicle Automotive Cup Holder Garbage Can

  Available in six colors, this compact garbage can is designed to fit inside the cup holder of your car. That way, it can catch straw and candy wrappers, napkins, crumbs, and anything that otherwise ends up scattered around your vehicle. Its spring-adjustable lid also means that it’s easy to put things in, but they won’t fly out — and it comes off for emptying.

  Wikor Toothbrush Holder and Toothpaste Dispenser SetAmazonWikor Toothbrush Holder and Toothpaste Dispenser Set

  Store up to five toothbrushes in a hygienic, easily accessible way, and then dispense your toothpaste of choice straight onto the bristles. This two-in-one set comes with sticky pads for easy mounting and doesn’t require any batteries. “I’ve had this for a couple of weeks now and with 3 little boys it has made a huge difference!” wrote one reviewer, while another reported that it helped to minimize “some of the clutter around the sink” and stopped family members from “wasting excessive amounts of toothpaste.”

  Elimoons Webcam Cover Slide (3-Pack)AmazonElimoons Webcam Cover Slide (3-Pack)

  Apps often request access to your cameras, so if you’re worried about privacy, pick up this three-pack of camera covers for $5. They attach to your phone, tablet, or webcam using a damage-free adhesive gel, and they have a built-in slider for when you want to use the camera. “I love this! It is easy to put on and easily slides over your camera once you want to hide it. It’s not too bulky or noticeable either,” one reviewer wrote.

  SOULWIT Cable Holder Clips (3-Pack)AmazonSOULWIT Cable Holder Clips (3-Pack)

  Organize the wires behind your desk, get your entertainment console under control, or ensure that your bedside phone charger is always within reach. These cable organizers stick to most surfaces using a long-lasting adhesive, and the silicone clasps mean the wires stay put but are still easy to remove when necessary. Get them in black, white, or gray.

  Y&ME Mail Holder Organizer AmazonY&ME Mail Holder Organizer

  For $20, you can sort your mail, upgrade your decor, keep important documents within reach, and ensure that your keys are always right by the door. This rustic shelf features five hooks and an organizer shelf. According to reviewers, it’s surprisingly sturdy and easy to install — especially since the mounting hardware is included with the set.

  OXO Good Grips Cleaning Brush for ElectronicsAmazonOXO Good Grips Cleaning Brush for Electronics

  On one side, the OXO Good Grips cleaning brush features soft bristles to gently wipe away dust. The other end has a slim silicone wiper that removes residue from hard-to-reach places. It has over 6,000 reviews and a 4.5-star overall rating. Buyers have used it to detail their phones, laptops, cameras, and other delicate electronics.

  Amazon Basics Rain Shower HeadAmazonAmazon Basics Rain Shower Head

  “Product looks just like the Kohler head and functions great for a fraction of the price Kohler charges,” one reviewer wrote about this rainfall showerhead from Amazon Basics. Another described: “You will not find a better deal.” For $19, it delivers 2.5 gallons of water per minute from a 6-inch head, complete with easy-to-clean nozzles. It also looks sleek, feels amazing, and installs easily, according to buyers.

  RCA Lens CleanerAmazonRCA Lens Cleaner

  The ultra-fine microfiber cleaning surface removes smudges, while the travel-size, fine-mist solution tackles germs and cloudy screens without damaging your device. The RCA lens cleaner set comes with both, all in an ergonomic design that stores as easily in your work drawer, purse, or suitcase. “I saw this on TikTok and thought it was super cute while at the same time being very practical,” wrote one reviewer who noted that it “works super well.”

  TESSAN Multi Plug Outlet with USB and Night LightAmazonTESSAN Multi Plug Outlet with USB and Night Light

  This multi-plug outlet extender gives you three AC outlets and two USB ports. It also has a built-in light that turns on automatically when it gets dark, and it doubles as a stand for your phone or tablet. “One of my favorite best Amazon buys,” one reviewer wrote.

  Smart Design Sneaker Wash BagAmazonSmart Design Sneaker Wash Bag

  Slip this zippered net bag over the door using its criss-cross elastic straps; it’ll then allow you to wash or dry your sneakers without hearing them clunk around in the machines for an hour. You can also use it for hats or delicates, and for $7, one reviewer wrote that it’s “worth the buy.”

  ZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks (2-Pairs)AmazonZenToes Moisturizing Heel Socks (2-Pairs)

  This is not your average sock — and not just because it doesn’t have toes. ZenToes’ moisturizing heel socks are lined with an oil-infused gel (with olive, jojoba, and vitamin E, to be exact), so you can treat rough calluses just by wearing them. Get the pair in two sizes and 10 designs.

  Holikme Toilet Brush and Holder SetAmazonHolikme Toilet Brush and Holder Set

  “Best toilet brush EVER,” one reviewer raved about the Holikme toilet brush set, which costs just $10. Another called it “amazing” and “next gen.” Why are people so pumped about this thing? Its silicone bristles rinse clean and resist breaking, and the flexible head reaches deep into crevices and around curves. Its base is quick-drying and wall-mounted for hygiene and space-saving convenience, too.

  Glocusent LED Neck Reading LightAmazonGlocusent LED Neck Reading Light

  The Glocusent LED neck light is great for hands-free reading in bed — but its 40,000-plus reviews are also filled with people who use it to knit, fix cars, do DIY jobs, and take walks after dark. It’s both bright and rechargeable. Plus, it has three dimmable settings to choose from.

  AUGO Magnetic Screen DoorAmazonAUGO Magnetic Screen Door

  Just like your standard screen door, this one uses a mesh netting to keep the bugs out while allowing for a breeze. Unlike your standard one, however, the AUGO screen costs less than $20, attaches to your doorway in mere minutes, and automatically closes behind you using a magnetic center slit. That way, your kids, pets, and guests can come and go, but you never need to worry that the bugs are, too.

  QTECLOR Silicone Microwave Mat (5-Pack)AmazonQTECLOR Silicone Microwave Mat (5-Pack)

  While they’re advertised as microwave mats (and they do help to keep your microwave damage- and splatter-free), these silicone circles are also nonslip, non-stick, dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and heat resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit. Needless to say, you’ll find countless uses for them in your kitchen, including as pot holders, trivets, food covers, and utensil rests.

  Zap It Bug Zapper RacketAmazonZap It Bug Zapper Racket

  The Zap It bug zapper does exactly what the name suggests: It uses a 4,000-volt grid to zap mosquitoes and flies. It’s USB-rechargeable, and thousands of reviewers agree that it’s way more effective than a standard swatter — or that dish towel you’ve been using. Choose between three sizes and four colors.

  DSKKWS Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist RestAmazonDSKKWS Memory Foam Keyboard Wrist Rest

  Made with memory foam and covered with a massaging texture, this DSKKWS wrist rest set comes with two pieces: a long one to support your hands while you’re typing and a shorter one for comfort while using your mouse. The nonslip bottoms hold them both securely in place on your desk.

  Suptikes Door Draft StopperAmazonSuptikes Door Draft Stopper

  Stick this silicone stopper to your door using the built-in adhesive strip, and it’ll minimize drafts and prevents noises from creeping in. It’s available in four colors for a subtle installation on almost any door, and since it’s water-resistant, it can be used on outdoor entries, too. “I’m renting an apartment and my front door doesn’t brush up against the floor,” one reviewer wrote. “Ever since I’ve installed this, I’ve had almost no [bugs], no light, and so much less sound!”

  FORITO Blue Light Laptop Screen ProtectorAmazonFORITO Blue Light Laptop Screen Protector

  Rather than avoiding screens altogether, this FORITO screen protector lets you do what you need to do (at whatever time of the night) while reducing the negative effects of blue light. Using a matte, transparent filter, it removes glare that may contribute to eye strain and trouble sleeping. While it measures 15.6 inches, it can also be cut to the size you need.

  EPAuto 3-Compartment Cargo Trunk Storage OrganizerAmazonEPAuto 3-Compartment Cargo Trunk Storage Organizer

  Its three large compartments are ideal for bottles, groceries, and sports gear, while its side pockets hold tools and travel accessories. This EPAuto storage container helps you get your trunk clean and organized, so you can fit more and find things more easily. It’s also collapsible and has straps so you can secure it to your car.

  OXO Good Grips Vegetable BrushAmazonOXO Good Grips Vegetable Brush

  This OXO Good Grips brush is specifically designed to remove dirt, germs, and pesticides from your produce. It’s curved and flexible to fit in the palm without slipping, while its nylon bristles are sturdy and durable when scrubbing fruits and vegetables. It’s also dishwasher-safe so you can keep it clean between uses.

  Sofa Arm Clip TableAmazonSofa Arm Clip Table

  No room for a side table? No problem. This My Sofa Arm table creates one using the arm of almost any couch. It clips on using strong springs (no installation required), so it can securely hold your remote controls, snacks, drinks, and devices. “Where has this been my whole life?” one buyer commented. “Now I’m not digging remotes out of sofa cushions.”

  Ampper Fan Shape Blind Spot MirrorAmazonAmpper Fan Shape Blind Spot Mirror

  Stick these tiny blind spot mirrors onto your existing side-view mirrors and seriously improve your safety levels while you drive. Thanks to the convex curve, you’re able to see a much wider angle, so you always know what’s behind and to the side of you. They’re a best-seller and a pack of two costs less than $10.

  Asvin Soft Textured Bath MatAmazonAsvin Soft Textured Bath Mat

  Most rubber bath mats use suction cups to create a nonslip surface while you shower. This soft-textured loofah mat from Asvin, on the other hand, is significantly gentler on your tiles and tubs — not to mention you won’t have to buff away those annoying suction-cup mildew rings — because of its anti-slip layer. Finally, it’s quick-drying, resistant to soap-scum build-up, and “comfortable to stand on,” according to reviewers. Get it in three sizes and five colors.

  Carfidant Scratch and Swirl RemoverAmazonCarfidant Scratch and Swirl Remover

  “I’ve been looking for a quick and easy solution to getting some scratches out of my red car,” one reviewer wrote. “I am so glad I found this and pulled the trigger. What a great deal! I did it myself. The results were beyond my expectation!” Carfidant scratch remover fixes minor scratches and swirls in your car’s paint job using a compound eraser formula and the included buffer pad. It’s also a best-seller with more than 30,000 reviews.

  HOUSE DAY Car Seat Headrest Hooks (4-Pack)AmazonHOUSE DAY Car Seat Headrest Hooks (4-Pack)

  Amplify the storage space in your car when you slip these HOUSE DAY hooks around the bars of your headrests. That way, grocery bags stay upright, your purse stays within reach, and the clutter stays off of the seats and floor. Since they’re made from durable plastic, they can still support up to 44 pounds each.

  Prop-A-Door for Front Load WasherAmazonProp-A-Door for Front Load Washer

  Maybe your washer door is designed to spring shut, or maybe gravity does it for you; either way, loading your clothes in becomes a bigger hassle than it needs to be. Cue the Prop-A-Door, which, as the name suggests, props the door open for easier loading and to reduce the growth of mildew in between loads. It’s also twistable and flexible, so you can shape it to suit your machine.

  Urban Deco Countertop Wine RackAmazonUrban Deco Countertop Wine Rack

  “Adorable wine rack, great price! […] It’s sturdy, fashionable, and goes with everything. I get lots of compliments on it,” one reviewer wrote about the Urban Deco wine rack. Since it holds seven bottles at once by stacking them, it’s a more space-savvy way to store your collection. Finally, it only costs $20, but its honeycomb design and gold finish elevate any countertop or home bar.

  Hilife SteamerAmazonHilife Steamer

  Remove wrinkles from your clothes without having to break out the iron. Sanitize your bed sheets or your curtains. Clean the grout in your shower. You’ll find countless uses for this Hilife steamer, which has earned over 45,000 reviews. Even though it’s compact and handheld, it still holds enough water for up to 15 minutes of continuous use.

  Lemedy Padded Sports Bra AmazonLemedy Padded Sports Bra

  Wear this Lemedy tank top as a sports bra or wear it on its own as a top. Its removable pads and compression fabric ensure that it’s much more supportive than the average cami, and it’s made from moisture-wicking material if you choose to wear it for fitness rather than fashion. Last but not least, it comes in more than 20 colors.

  Available sizes: Small — XX-Large Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body ScrubAmazonBrooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub

  One of its 7,000-plus reviewers called Brooklyn Botany’s brown sugar body scrub “the holy grail of face and body scrubs.” They then went on to write, “I absolutely love how soft this leaves my body and the scent is simply delicious.” Its ingredients include brown sugar (obviously) for exfoliation, sweet almond oil for moisture, and jojoba oil for healing.

  Ecotools Makeup CleanerAmazonEcotools Makeup Cleaner

  If you don’t wash your makeup brushes as often as you should, you’re not alone. Luckily, Ecotools came out with a cleansing brush shampoo that’s specifically designed to remove residue, get rid of bacteria, and preserve the softness of your bristles. It’s also hypoallergenic and paraben-free for sensitive skin. No wonder over 35,000 reviewers have given it a 4.6-star rating.

  S&T INC. Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths (3-Pack)AmazonS&T INC. Reusable Makeup Remover Cloths (3-Pack)

  According to reviewers, you need to try these S&T INC. reusable makeup cloths before you can fully comprehend how well they actually work. When wet, the special microfiber fabric grabs onto makeup residue and dirt, so you can fully clean your face without the need for any cleanser at all. “Like magic!” one reviewer wrote. “These work so much better than the expensive makeup remover wipes I used to buy.”

  Samuelworld Sphere and Square Ice Cube TraysAmazonSamuelworld Sphere  and Square Ice Cube Trays

  Because of their shape, the ice cubes from these Samuelworld trays melt much more slowly, and as a result, they keep your drink colder for longer (and with less dilution). The set comes with two molds — large spheres and giant cubes — and since they’re made from silicone, they’re dishwasher-safe and make for fast, easy ice cube removal. “They work so well and they’re super easy to use,” one buyer wrote.

  TTKLYN Silk Sleep MaskAmazonTTKLYN Silk Sleep Mask

  Even though it only costs $4, this sleep mask is made from real silk. As a result, it’s breathable, soft, cooling, and lightweight. The band is also stretchy and adjustable to fit most heads. “The best sleep mask I’ve ever found,” wrote one buyer who commented that it “completely blocks light.”

  Relax Tony Anatomical Toe SeparatorsAmazonRelax Tony Anatomical Toe Separators

  Buyers have used these Relax Tony toe separators to stretch tight muscles after a long day, improve flexibility in their feet, and even help with bunions. They’re made from a latex-free gel material, which is reusable, washable, and non-irritating. Wear them while barefoot or inside your shoes.

  Docolor Eyelash CombAmazonDocolor Eyelash Comb

  “Brilliant idea!” one reviewer wrote. “This really lifts and separates my lashes wonderfully. It actually curls my lashes better than a standard lash curler too.” The Docolor eyelash comb has stainless steel teeth that are easy to clean and curved to fit the contour of your eye. It also comes with a cover to keep things hygienic in your makeup bag.

  Real Techniques Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set (3-Count)AmazonReal Techniques Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set (3-Count)

  The Real Techniques makeup brush set comes in a pack of three, and includes a shadow brush, a crease brush, and a double-ended brow and spoolie brush. Despite the low price tag, reviewers can’t stop raving: “They are, honestly, better than any brush I have EVER tried. They don’t shed, they blend SO well, and they clean easily.” No wonder they have racked up more than 6,000 reviews and a 4.7-star overall rating.

  HUMIWA Faux Fur SlippersAmazonHUMIWA Faux Fur Slippers

  “Purchased this back in April and I still reach for these over my Uggs,” one reviewer wrote. Other buyers made similar comments. It turns out that, even though these HUMIWA slippers are just $14, their soft faux-fur fabric, criss-cross design, and nonslip outsole are still amazingly comfortable. Choose from 20 different colors and patterns.

  Available sizes: 5.5-6 — 10.5-12FEISCON Jewelry Box Storage CaseAmazonFEISCON Jewelry Box Storage Case

  Even though it’s small enough to fit in your suitcase while you’re traveling, this jewelry storage box has designated compartments, hooks, and pockets for all of your essentials. (That includes necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.) The layered, partitioned design and hard cover keep them protected in storage, and it comes in your choice of four colors: black, gray, mint green, and salmon pink.

  Savvy & Sorted Minimalist Spice LabelsAmazonSavvy & Sorted Minimalist Spice Labels

  These spice labels make any kitchen look like it’s straight out of a culinary magazine. The sleek text has been printed on vinyl stickers that are both waterproof and removable for reuse, and they work on most shapes and sizes of spice jars. With this set, you get 94 common spices, and reviewers report that they’re “definitely worth the price.”

  Mkono Macrame Sofa Armrest OrganizerAmazonMkono Macrame Sofa Armrest Organizer

  Simply hang the Mkono macrame organizer over your sofa, armchair, or bed frame, and it’ll add both style and storage to the room. Its design features a geometric pattern and tassels, while its multiple pockets are ideal for remotes, reading material, glasses, electronics, and more. “What a pretty and efficient way to clear away clutter,” one reviewer wrote.