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[key fashion trends 2021]Kidswear: Labels to watch

  Children’s fashion today has to meet more demands than ever. It has

  to be fun, appeal to children and adults alike, be compatible with

  children’s sensitive skin and protect the planet for future

  generations. The labels gathered here produce sustainably and make

  sure that children not only have a good time wearing it, but also find

  a habitable earth in the future – thanks to production in Europe and

  the use of certified sustainable materials.

  my alt textBobo Choses 2021

  Bobo Choses was founded in Barcelona in 2008. From fun clothing and

  accessories to wacky children’s books that give meaning to the

  collections, Bobo Choses loves to tell stories in the language of

  children. These stories are not only translated into fun clothes, but

  also into illustrated books, stationery, fragrances, rugs, bags,

  shoes, cups and plates.

  Bobo Choses produces in an old toy factory two blocks from the

  Mediterranean Sea, learning from the know-how of local manufacturers

  to create products that respect the environment. Attention is also

  paid to sustainability of production processes. “Environmental

  protection is no longer an option, but the key to our future,” the

  brand said by email.

  Target group: Bobo Choses creates new products and services for

  creative children and adults around the world who want to enjoy their

  lives, have fun and grow up with creativity in the digital age.

  Stockists/ Agency: Bobo Choses is sold by 600 retailers in 45

  countries around the world. The main countries are Sweden, South

  Korea, France, the UK, the USA, Japan, the Netherlands, Italy,

  Germany, Belgium, Australia, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark and

  Finland. There is a contact form for interested retailers on the

  brand’s website.

  Prices (retail): T-shirts around 30 euros, trousers around 30 to 75


  my alt textBebe Organic

  Bebe Organic was founded in 2014 by a mother of two and London

  College of Fashion MA graduate, Birgit Kadak. After her first child

  was diagnosed with an extremely sensitive skin condition, she was on

  the lookout for natural and organic textiles, but only found products

  that were synthetic and full of dangerous chemicals, or if

  sustainable, too simplistic in design.

  This inspired her to design her own collection with organic

  materials, which eventually evolved into the Bebe Organic brand. All

  Bebe Organic fabrics are sourced locally from Portugal. The main

  fabrics in the collection are organic cotton and linen, wool and

  recycled materials. To guarantee that the materials are organic, Bebe

  Organic uses cotton certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile

  Standard) and OCS (Organic Content Standard) and a natural dyeing

  process that offers a 100% chemical-free approach that guarantees

  quality and longevity.

  Target group: Parents who want to combine style with quality and

  comfort. The collections are made to dress comfortably for any

  occasion and can be passed down through generations as they have a

  timeless look. “For any parent, grandparent or friend looking to buy

  or offer something unique, our brand is the right choice,” the label

  said via email.

  Stockists/ Agency: Bebe Organic is sold at stockists around the

  world, primarily in the US, Asia and Europe. It currently works with

  one agent in China and two agents in the US. There is a contact form

  on the brand’s website.

  Prices (retail): tops between 20 and 70 euros, trousers between 25

  and 75 euros, jackets and coats around 100 euros.

  my alt textPlay Up

  Play Up is a baby and children’s clothing brand founded in 2004

  with the aim of creating a sustainable, ethical and fair brand and

  proving that it is possible to reduce the significant environmental

  footprint of the textile industry. All products are designed and

  manufactured in Portugal. From design to delivery of the final

  product, the concept takes an unconventional approach. Each Play Up

  collection represents a new chapter, where the label collaborates with

  an artist whose work inspires the collection. To do this, it works

  with Portuguese artists and creatives and has all the pieces made in

  its factory in a small village in the north of Portugal. This allows

  for great control over all stages of production and the local approach

  ensures that the entire production chain follows good fair trade


  Stockists/Agency: Currently 95 percent of the collections are

  exported. Play Up is represented in 800 shops and department stores

  around the world as well as in its own online shop. Play Up works with

  agents and distributors per country/per territory who represent the

  brand. There is a contact form on the brand’s website.

  Target group: Babies and children aged 0 months to 16 years.

  Prices (retail): Prices depend on the country of sale and are set

  according to the purchasing power of that country. Baby clothes are

  around 20 to 50 euros, children’s clothes between around 30 to 100


  my alt textCam Cam Copenhagen

  Cam Cam Copenhagen is a Danish family business founded in 2012 by

  husband and wife team Sara Giese Camre and Robert Warren Paulsen.

  After the birth of their daughter Olivia, the couple set out on a

  search for timeless design products. The search turned out to be more

  difficult than expected, which led to the creation of Cam Cam

  Copenhagen to create high-quality, sustainable interior design for

  children. It aims to provide a cosy, calming environment for babies

  and children, which includes textiles. Sustainability and durability

  are at the core of the label – from production to the final product.

  Cam Cam Copenhagen is “one of the few brands in the industry to be

  certified according to the following world-leading standards for

  organic and sustainable production: GOTS, FSC and OCS,” according to

  the website.

  Target group: The brand’s target group is parents who value

  elegant, Scandinavian design that is sustainably certified and


  Prices (retail): The brand offers a complete product cosmos and

  starts at 10 Euros. Wardrobes or beds are around 1,275 Euros.

  Stockists/ Agency: Cam Cam Copenhagen is responsible for the


  This article was translated from German