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[vaxxed and waxed]Vaxxed, waxed and outside!

  WITH the relaxed COVID measures in place, the summer in full swing, vaccine second doses freely available, and aestheticians filling their log books with appointments, it’s time to pull out your bucket list and have as much fun as you possibly can. Make that reservation for two at your favourite restaurant, or buy a ticket to attend the next Soca party, just in case we have to go “inside” again.

  From beaches, to parties, to tours, these people shared their plans with All Woman now that many are fully vaccinated, and ready for the outdoors.

  Shantae, 33:

  This summer I want to travel, go to the beach… go out to eat. But even though I want to go out and have fun, I’ll still take the necessary precautions so as to not catch COVID-19 and transmit it to my family.

  Dejeanea Williams, 21:

  I want to go clubbing with the girls, attend a beach party, go on a beach trip, and a weekend getaway.

  Jamika Griffiths, 21

  Appleton Estate Rum Tour, paintball shooting, Blue Lagoon and rafting.

  Quida Shaw, 22

  I want to experience the Rockhouse Hotel, have a quick night outing at Bamboo Splash Car Wash, and get refreshing ice cream at Tai Tai Ice Cream Roll Cafe. Rockhouse Hotel because of its diverse and unique set up and itinerary; it’s literally on the cliff so it’s really cool and fun. I’d want to spend a night at Bamboo Splash Car Wash just for a quick chill out with friends and hype music, and Tai Tai because it puts a spin on traditional ice cream and offers unique flavours that I’ve never tried.

  Cejhay Thompson, 24 :

  Partying and going on a yacht for me!

  Engeline Williams, 25:

  It’s only a matter of time before they put us on lockdown again, after all the fun and excitement we are going to have. I Love Soca is July 14! I won’t miss it.

  Jamila Coore, 23:

  I want to visit Winifred Beach in Portland and go paintball shooting with friends.

  D Dixon, 21:

  Jet skiing and horseback riding at Chukka Caribbean Adventures! Also, I have a list of every restaurant that I want to try out. You only have one life and you have to be responsible with it. Because the novel coronavirus pandemic has taken my early 20s away, I chose to be educated on the vaccine and I’m responsible enough when going outside. Here I am, fully vaxxed a year and some months later, and never contracted COVID-19! We outside!