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[hair removal lotion]Best facial hair removal tools for women


  e have a complex relationship with body hair. It can be political, it can be highly controversial but in our opinion, what you do (or don’t) do with it is totally up to you. Whether you shave or not, that’s really nobody else’s business.

  Even as time goes on, the taboo about women’s body hair never seems to dissipate – it feels as contradicting and paradoxical now as ever. Hair, and in particular facial hair for women can leave you feeling self-conscious and anxious. While we attempt to dismantle the patriarchy step-by-step, for those who want it, there’s a whole host of innovative methods to remove unwanted strays and leave your skin soft and smooth.

  Facial hair is actually pretty normal and becomes even more common as we get older. Whether it’s pregnancy, menopause or weight gain, we go through a hormonal changes where we produce less estrogen and more androgens – the hormone that gives masculine qualities. The latter is responsible for finer and lighter locks on your head but more fuzz in areas like the jawline. Figures.

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  When it comes to hair removal, the facial area is extremely delicate, particularly around the eyes and the mouth. So it’s of the utmost importance to use formulations and devices that are soft and gentle and won’t cause irritation or any form of reaction for that matter – the last thing you want is to remove hair only to leave red raw skin on show underneath. Luckily, there’s plenty of strips, creams and hi-tech depilatory tools to choose from.

  For short term solutions, there’s waxing, dermaplaning (that also helpfully acts as exfoliation), epilating, sugaring (a more gentle form of wax), creams and good ol’ fashioned tweezing. If you’re looking for something more permanent, however, technology in at-home IPL machines has come on leaps and bounds with models that’s safe for the face. Over time, your hair should get thinner and lighter until eventually there’s barely anything left at all.

  With life returning to normal, we have gathered the best ways to defuzz post-lockdown hibernation – should you choose to.

  Whip out the magnifying mirror and marvel in the satisfaction that these tweezers will bring you. One of the leaders in the hair removal tools market, Tweezerman specialises in the easy-to-use pincer-like product. This trio combines the basics with slightly more advanced alternatives.

  Housed in a storage holder (that also happens to be magnetic), you’ll find three stainless steel grooming tools. The first is a slanted design that is at an angle for precise shaping with the utmost control. The second has pointed elongated tips that targets ingrown hairs or anything under the skin. Last but certainly not least, the precision razor removes those ‘oops!’ moments from the traditional-shaped alternatives with a gentle, sharp blade that can be used for the brows, upper lip and even bikini area.


  £23.96 | lookfantastic

  Tame unruly brows or chin hair with ease with Hollywood Browzer’s award-winning tool. It can be used for hair removal as well as dermaplaning to smooth out the skin’s surface and remove fine lines and scarring. The three-in-one acts as an exfoliator, while also allowing you to shape or eliminate rogue hairs. The blade has been crafted from stainless-steel and is precise enough to tackle even the shortest and most stubbly fuzz. The product can be folded up for ease when travelling and can be used for all areas around the face as well as legs, arms, bikini and knuckles.

  Hollywood Browzer

  £8.98 | lookfantastic

  Arguably one of the most simplistic tools for hair removal, you glide the tightly coiled spiral spring across your face to eliminate unwanted strays as you go. It tackles hair from the root and can be rotated to adapt to your facial contours. This product removes fuzz from the neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip.


  £16 | John Lewis

  Hair removal experts Wilkinson Sword has added to its range with a multi-purpose tool to make facial hair removal a breeze. While gently defuzzing your face and body, it exfoliates the skin at the same time, removing dead cells and leaving your complexion smooth, soft, supple and clear, ready for flawless makeup application. And no, your hair won’t grow back thicker.

  Wilkinson Sword

  £3 | Boots

  For the technophiles, bring your hair removal into the hi-tech sphere with a facial epilator. Much like the one designed for your body, it removes hair through a rotating motion that pulls them directly from the root but in a far more gentle manner, adapting to the fragile skin. The device comes with an array of attachments – the epilator being just one. There’s also an electronic cleanser brush and a MicroVibration head for a more thorough clean and better absorption of your skincare products. The device can be used both wet and dry and for chin, upper lip, forehead and shaping the brows.


  £102.98 | lookfantastic

  With thrice the hair removal power, this device will help you defuzz strays, maintain your brows and tend to your bikini line by adapting the interchangeable heads. The handbag-sized device can be used all over the body with heads spinning 300 times per second for efficacy. Even so, it’s super gentle on the skin. You’ll be surprised by how pain-free it is even at the upper lip. It’s compact, travel-friendly and recharged through USB.


  £27 | lookfantastic

  For more permanent hair removal, have you considered an at-home IPL machine? They work by emitting pulses of light that are absorbed by the skin and damage the follicles thus inhibiting growth. Sensica’s Sensilight uses Reactive Pulse Light or RPL that can be used on the body and face. It has been clinically tested and takes a zap-and-go approach that’s both simple and effective. Skin is left smooth and most importantly free from any cuts, nicks or ingrown hairs. The device is also lightweight and very small in size.


  £199 | lookfantastic

  Bring the salon experience to your home with sugar wax. It provides long-lasting results, while being more gentle on skin than regular wax. This is due to the nature of the formulation which is, as the name suggests, sugar based and thus more natural. It also means it can be easily washed away. The wax comes alongside strips. Apply the product to skin, where the precision applicator makes it easy to target small areas, then place the strip down and pull it away. Done and dusted.


  £4.99 | Superdrug

  While the sugar wax may be more gentle than traditional strips, it may not work on the more stubborn hairs. For that you’ll need Nair’s alternative. Still designed to be used on sensitive skin thanks to the inclusion of soothing apricot milk in the formula, there are 20 strips included that are to be applied directly onto your fuzz. You don’t need to warm them up; just smooth on and pull against the direction of hair growth when you’re ready. They can be used tidy up brows or to remove any other facial hair, as well as on the bikini line.


  £5.99 | Superdrug

  The wax removal methods above are not for everyone and a cream may feel an easier solution. It offers an entirely pain-free experience: apply to the area, leave for 10 minutes and then wash it away alongside the hair in question. It’s really that easy and effective. The cream can be applied to sensitive skin without that burning sensation or irritation that can often be associated with products of this ilk. As a word of warning, it’s not the most appealing aroma.


  £4.99 | Superdrug

  With a delicious honeydew melon aroma, this cream will make light work of the hair removal process. In just two to five minutes, it removes all traces of fuzz or fur and only requires three steps. One, use the provided spatula to apply the cream to area. Two, remove cream. Three, generously lather up the soothing after-care lotion provided. All in all, it’s a fairly pleasant experience and lasts for around a week.


  £5.50 | Boots

  For some, it may be a far more effective method to lighten dark hair over removing it entirely, particularly for those with fair complexions. Jolen is one of the leaders with a gentle but effective formula where you can channel your inner chemist, mix up the contents and have lighter, blonde hair in just 10 minutes. It really is that easy and may even work for those with sensitive and dry skin.


  £4.35 | Superdrug

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