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[who is gemini compatible with]Love Island star signs: These are the most compatible couples in the villa

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  The couples are in place and the singletons have been busy getting to know each other since the show kicked off on Monday.

  But it’s still only early days inside the Love Island villa, so are they really destined to be together? Or, in the words of past contestants, could they be happier?

  Astrology experts have delved deeper into the potential love matches.

  Researchers at Kegel8 have analysed the new cast’s star signs to discover whose love is a recipe for disaster and whose is written in the stars.

  And it says Brad and Faye have what it takes to go the whole way, despite their spat last night.

  The pair are both Gemini, a sign known for characteristics such as adaptability, outgoingness, intelligence, indecisiveness and impulsiveness.

  Love Island's Faye Winter slams Brad for making her look 'like a d***'

  Faye was having none of it

  (Image: ITV)

  According to Astrology.com, two Geminis partnering up is like “four people coming together” and the relationship can never be dull.

  However, Gemini's can get bored easily and with Faye actually on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, it could either be a meeting of two minds or a 'curious' relationship which could be threatened by a lack of reassurance and intimacy from the Gemini.

  Another perfect compatibility pairing is Brad and bombshell Chloe.

  Chloe Burrows, a Libra, possesses astrological traits such as diplomacy, cleverness, fairness and a non-confrontational nature.

  When matched with a Gemini like Brad, the pair could enjoy a relationship based on intellectual interests and mental agility.

  Although, for Faye, love could also come in the form of Aaron, who has been seen to be reserved so far.

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  Also a Libra, Aaron’s influence on Faye could be similar to what Chloe can provide for Brad, helping to open up each other’s worlds with different points of view and areas of interest.

  And it seems like Toby, a Pisces, who has already expressed his interest in all of the women in the villa, could well be compatible with a few of them, too.

  Judging by the findings, he could be successful on the show if he stuck in his original couple with Kaz or with Sharon or Shannon.

  As viewers have seen, Toby’s been getting along well with Scorpio, Kaz.

  When in a romantic relationship, Pisces and Scorpio can work harmoniously, with plenty of respect and understanding due to sharing the same element of water.

  On the other hand, their union could also turn out to be tumultuous due to a Scorpio’s traits of being secretive, drama seeking and jealous.


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  Toby’s second astrological match with Sagittarius Sharon could spell for an unlikely pairing, as the pair can be seen as opposites and will either bring out the best or the worst in each other.

  To work, Sharon would have to be open-minded when it comes to Toby’s emotions, while he must be open-minded with her pursuit for fun and freedom.

  Although, if in touch with their astrological traits, the best pairing for Toby would have been with Shannon, a Cancer.

  The pair both have similar emotional natures, are sensitive and in tune with their feelings, so they could harmonise with each other well.

  With Toby’s three potential perfect pairings already in the villa for this season, it’s no surprise that he was found to be the islander most likely to make the final.

  Analysing all aspects of the former finalists’ personal details, such as their ages, star signs, occupations and hometowns, the perfect Love Island man was 24-years-old, a Taurus and a professional footballer from Essex.

  While Toby is only 22 and is a Pisces, he is a professional footballer from Essex.

  Meanwhile, findings suggest the ideal female contestant is a 23.5-years-old Taurus, who works as a model and lives in London.

  The stats also show the perfect winning couple to both arrive in week two, coupling up with two partners each.

  Although the formula favours female contestants entering in week two, every female winner so far has been an original islander.

  On the other hand, male winners are more likely to be latecomers, with victorious Max Morley, Greg O'Shea and Finley Tapp all checking in late.

  Stephanie Taylor, Managing Director at Kegel8, said: “For over a year now, the nation has been eagerly anticipating the return of Love Island.

  “So, what better way to prepare than look into former contestants and their success stories? A summer of love is exactly what the people of the UK need on their screens right now.”

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