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[what is a waist trainer]Yvonne Nelson reveals slim teas and waist trainers can’t give you slim waist shape | Pulse Nigeria

  She disclosed this in a Twitter post on Sunday morning. “Before we go to church, lemme say this…baby gyal, no slimming tea/waist trainer is gonna give you no TAPOLI / snatched body, stop letting these companies/influencers fool you,” she tweeted.




  alt=”Yvonne Nelson [Instagram/YvonneNelsonGh]”



  Yvonne Nelson [Instagram/YvonneNelsonGh]

  Pulse Nigeria

  In the tweet that has sparked a conversation about how to acquire slim waist bodies, the Ghanaian actress noted that it is only a surgical doctor or a girl’s mother who can give her that flat tummy genetic inheritance.

  According to the mother of one, if your banging body is not from a doctor or your mother, the only place you can get it is from the gym. “Two people, a doctor or your mum and one place, the gym can give you that body,” she tweeted.

  It’s unclear what influenced Yvonne Nelson to come out with this message. However, we understand her because social media off-late is always flooded with some celebrities or influencers like her bestie, Belinda Dzata, who are advertising slim teas or waist trainers.

  HAJIA BINTU is Ghana’s favorite Tik Tok star on Twitter.