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[dirndl skirt]Salma Hayek Wears Dirndl That Reveals Eyeful Of Cleavage In Video From When She Was Still Breastfeed

  For throwback Thursday, Salma Hayek explained why she once wore a traditional folk dress with a dangerously low neckline on a German talk show.

  Salma, 54, took a trip down memory lane with her latest Instagram upload, which was a video clip of her 2008 appearance on Wetten, dass..?. The popular show’s celebrity guests had to perform certain activities if they lost a bet, and iconic German designer Karl Lagerfeld got to pick Salma’s punishment for losing her wager. The late Chanel creative director wanted her to wear a traditional dirndl, which is the style of dress that women often wear at Oktoberfest events.

  The garments have low necklines and tight-fitting bodices, which was an issue for Salma at the time. The From Dusk till Dawn actress revealed she was still breastfeeding her infant daughter Valentina, who recently celebrated her 13th birthday. This seemingly made the top of the dress fit even more snugly, as evidenced by the video.

  Salma was shown strutting down a long, curved hallway in the dirndl. The dress had a light gray bodice that boasted a burgundy lace-up detail and silver chains with small disc-shaped charms. The black trim around its plunging neckline was decorated with silver, red, and white embroidery. White chiffon ruffles also trimmed the neck, and the garment’s short puff sleeves were crafted out of the same sheer fabric. A dark apron covered the front of her full gray skirt, and it was embellished with intricate silver embroidery. A wine-colored fabric belt was tied around her slender waist.

  Her shoes were black patent leather platform heels, and she accessorized with a black choker that featured a bejeweled ornament.

  Salma’s hair was styled in low, braided pigtails with burgundy ribbons tied around the ends.Salma’s breasts jiggled as she walked. She briefly stopped before slowly making her way down a short set of stairs, giving the camera a flirty hip shimmy as it zoomed in on her body. The show’s host, Thomas Gottschalk, held out his hand to help her down the stairs and spun her around before leading her to the couch. She sat down beside Karl and was presented with a small floral bouquet.

  The actress revealed she had a difficult time fitting into the dirndl, but she didn’t dare turn down a sartorial request from a “fashion king.” The Wetten, dass..? crowd seemed thrilled to see Salma in the outfit, and her Instagram followers loved her choice of throwback video.

  ”Thank you for morning pick me up!!!” read one response to her post.

  ”Good to see people can still honour a bet. And looking that great too,” another commenter wrote.

  ”Very cool. You look amazing,” said a third fan.