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[when are capricorns born]Today’s Panchang: Check out the Tithi, Shubh Muhurat, Moon Sign, and Name Letter for New born for Ju

  Today is Sunday 25 July 2021, Tithi Dvitiya till 28:03 Purnimant month is Shravan and Amavasyant month is Ashadha. Sun is in Cancer and Moon remains in Capricorn till 22:46 thereafter in Aquarius.

  New born baby Moon sign will be Capricorn till 22:46 thereafter Aquarius. Nakshatra will be Shravana till 11:16 thereafter Dhanishta. Today’s new born baby name word as per the Moon sign will start from Kho, Ga, Gi, Gu. Lucky Number will be 1 . Understated status, quality craftsmanship, masters of self-control, and have the ability to lead the way.

  Today worship Sun Read / Chant Gayatri Mantra. Today’s colour is Orange. Start any new or important work in the time given in Panchang. Avoid inauspicious time for any new beginning.