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[shapewear camisole]This Cami May Be Shapewear, But I Love It All the Same for Practically Any Outfit

  Finding a layering cami that is both comfortable and flattering is tough. Some don’t stay tucked in and scrunch up around your waist. Others feel like they’re suctioning to your skin. The Ultralight Seamless Lace Back Shaping Cami from Yummie, though, will now be a weekly staple of mine. It’s lightweight and thin, so there’s no awkward bunching or uncomfortable pinching. But even with the light, breathable fabric, I can feel it smoothing things out. It’s the kind of tank that I want to wear all of the time, not just as shapewear.?

  The fabric of the cami is soft and stretchy and the peak of lace at the back means it’s something you won’t have to hide under another shirt or sweater like most other shapewear options. Because it’s seamless, you don’t have to worry about bulky seams digging into you and leaving red marks, just from sitting down. I’ve? worn this Yummie cami with and without a bra and it gives me the perfect layer for under sweaters, jumpsuits, low-cut tops, and more.?

  What I’ve really come to enjoy about Yummie is that there are so many options for levels of compression, which means that I never feel like I’m being forced into something uncomfortable but still get the shaping benefits I’m looking for. (I felt this way about their Antonette bralette, as well.) You can choose which level you want (I tend to stick to light for everyday wear). There’s even a chart on every product page that tells you what you’re getting.


  Ultralight Seamless Lace Back Shaping Cami

  Buy at Yummie$34

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