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[zodiac outfits]Zodiac edition: Which Disney princess is your fashion muse?

  We have all grown up fantasizing about the perfect love story and living the most adventurous, drama-filled, romantic life with all the magic moments as depicted in a Disney movie.

  Disney princesses were always admired because of their exceptional personality, dauntlessness, and their magnificent looks. Be like a Disney princess, even if they get in trouble, they are no damsel in distress, they not only save themselves but the people around them even if they must fight wearing an extravagant gown.

  Who is your Disney princess muse for your wardrobe style? Take some styling tips from these princesses and have a magical day.

  1. Aquarius

  -Moana Moana’s fashion style was light and breezy. With her printed tube top and straw skirt, she knew how to make a stylish outfit even living on an island with literally no resources. If you are Moana, you keep your outfits subtle and composed but if given the chance, you can turn your whole look into the most fashionable of them all.

  2. Pisces

  -Ariel Ariel’s fashion style was extravagant yet inclusive. With her classic shell top that later got converted into numerous stylish outfits. Basically, if you are Ariel, you can create fashion with absolutely anything and everything.

  3. Aries

  -Mulan Mulan’s fashion style was tomboyish and comfortable. Even as a girl she was not ready to bake her face with makeup or wear tight-fitted clothes but she was always ready for a challenge especially in the wardrobe department. If you are Mulan, you have amazing features and a beautiful figure, but you would still like to wear comfortable-baggy clothes.

  4. Taurus

  -Merida Merida’s fashion style was rebellious and modest. She believed against wearing corsets and exceptionally girly clothes and she chose to believe in her own personality for her outfits. She reflected her character through her wardrobe rather than abiding by the princess norms and wearing fitted gowns. If you are Merida, you like to wear what you desire despite the restrictions and never easily get intimidated by judgmental views.

  5. Gemini

  -Aurora Aurora’s fashion style was very ladylike, elegant, and graceful. With her enchanting features and gorgeous off-shoulder gowns, she knew how to woo everyone. If you are Aurora, you use your outfits as your power to make statements you verbally can’t make. You like to strut around in those glamourous outfits somewhat hiding your real identity.

  6. Leo

  -Belle Belle’s fashion style is synchronized and stylish. Even with her limited resources, Belle came out with numerous fashionable outfits and she likes to go for monochromatic looks more. If you are Belle, you love to wear ostentatious outfits which are shining bright on the face but sometimes you need to work with subtle outfits and make them look snazzy.

  7. Cancer

  -Rapunzel Rapunzel’s fashion style was floral, pastel, and vintage-inspired. Even though she wore only a purple puff-sleeved corset paired with a matching long skirt, she was more focused on her hair, and other accessories. If you are Rapunzel, you like to make your outfit pop by accessorizing it and you love taking ideas out of vintage fashionwear or your mother’s closet and create your edgy look.

  8. Virgo

  -Snow White Snow Whites’ fashion style was very peppy and sleek. With her graceful manners, she embraced her princess outfit very well. If you are Snow White, you hate dirtying your clothes and feeling underrated. You can make any outfit look better but you chose to wear urbanely sleek outfits which are stylish yet simplistic.

  9. Capricorn

  -Pocahontas Pocahontas’s fashion style was eclectic and minimal. With her tribal looks, she accessorized her hair with feathery ropes and fought bravely in basically a mini dress. If you are Pocahontas, you are not conscious about showing skin and you like to fuse different worlds together to create an outfit.

  10. Scorpio

  -Tiana Tiana’s fashion style was posh and elaborately lavish. Her unique flower cut-out gowns that sparkled even during the day were really an avant-garde sight for the fashion industry. If you are Tiana, you like wearing high-end brands and you are also one of the most stylish and poised designers out there.

  11. Sagittarius

  -Jasmine Jasmine’s fashion style was glitzy, edgy, and classic. She amalgamated few styles together and came out with different looks of harem pants and off-shoulder blouses. She looked ethereal in her fusion wardrobe and matching headband. If you are Jasmine, you like to embrace your culture but give it a chic and contemporary touch. You know how to carry edgy and quirky outfits with utmost charms.

  12. Libra

  -Cinderella Cinderella’s fashion style is refined, polished, and layered. Even though Ella came from a home where she was a mermaid, she always had a knack for luxury items and extravagant outfits. If you are Cinderella, you know how to put on a show with your best outfits and you love to wear glamourous accessories alongside some fancy heels. You can be a model without any difficulties.