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[jhope outfits]BTS’s sensible fashion on full display during the performances on Sirius XM

  A week before the release of the new all-English single, “Permission To Dance,” BTS was interviewed by the American program “Sirius XM,” plus have performed their successful smash hits, “Dynamite” and “Butter,” both of them made it for more than 4 consecutive weeks on the top of Billboard’s Hot 100.


  The interviewers received the guys, and we can see RM saying how excited they were to be back on the program. When being asked how they feel about “Butter” being a success, Jin added that the feeling was great since they wanted people to enjoy it. When the host asked about the new upcoming song, J-hope said very excited that they were going to release a CD Single of “Butter” on July 9th, and Jimin finished the news by saying that the CD will contain a new single, so we must stay tuned to it. Interviewers said how much they are looking forward to it, and while SUGA thanked them for having them in their program, as well as praising their job with “Butter,” Jungkook continued by presenting their performances.

  The guys were looking totally fresh and astonishing as always. J-hope was with a new hairstyle, and this has probably been the comeback with more changes coming from him. Grey silver hair and a lovely smile were the key to his casual outfit. But not only he had the grey as a favorite color: Both RM and SUGA were also in grey tones, meaning that the leader is over with pink hair and making ARMY hope for mint hair from SUGA. The Rap Line has definitely matched their outfits, from the yellow jacket to the yellow big face on J-hope’s black T-shirt, and the light-blue-almost-gray shirt of RM would totally combine with SUGA’s grey tone. The Maknae Line was in charge of the brown color, wearing a jacket and some Scottish plaid trousers. The black hairstyle was a main thing on these guys, saying a massive goodbye to rainbow, purple and blond curly hair. Of course, the blond hair hasn’t done a total disappearance yet, as the hyung looks globally handsome in it. All of them speaking completely in English, and Jin is ready to show them that he owns this “Butter” era by showing himself with excellent development, from his vocal range to his appealing dance moves.

  Opening “Dynamite,” we can see the guys sitting in a living room inside a very American-styled apartment, where the palettes are from green to brown and a light touch of yellow. The tables in front of them are with food and drinks and even a Rubik’s cube. Jungkook’s snack from the Concept Photo Version 1 of “Butter” can be seen in front of both SUGA and V, as well. RM was wearing a very eye-catching neon green bowling-style shirt decorated with a flower pattern, from the Italian luxury fashion brand, Valentino. Green shoes, from Dior to Converse, are also in the frame, as well as a dark Casablanca Green “La Fleur D’ Oranger” hoodie on J-hope. Both Jimin and V were in a complete white suit, with V wearing a neon green belt and Jimin wearing a Casablanca sport tracksuit jacket, with some red and green embroidery details. Jungkook can be seen with a Palm Angels Miami Logo sweatshirt and some dark green shorts. The Hyungs of the band, Jin and SUGA, are matching yellow outfits, being Jin the one with a brighter and stronger tone of the light color. Both of them are also matching white pants. Dancing on the couch with the special participation of J-Hope and SUGA as the living microphones for Jin and V, respectively, this “Dynamite” performance wasn’t the same as the previous ones: It has a more calm rhythm, as slowly saying that this is the end of it and we all have the best memories from it. But now, it’s “Butter” turn to shine brightly before “Permission to Dance” steals the show.




  Between a messy table and guys dancing, Jungkook is able to stand up and walk through a door, listening to “Butter” humming at the other side. Walking through it, we got him in a grey suit and the whole BTS gang. Yellow was the main color not only on their clothes but also the scenography, full of yellow, orange, and red touches. A heart-melting can be seen above the guys and their old hairstyles, which probably means that these two videos were recorded just days before their updates on hair colors. All of them were wearing the same white shoes, and when the breakdance started with J-hope’s famous kick, all of the views turned from yellow to pink and a little purple due to the lights. While during J-hope’s line, the camera turns around to focus the “Dynamite” version of BTS cheering up very loudly and doing the second voices for “Butter” because being the only one with sparkly trousers and lightning up both of the scenarios might be a really hard job. RM closes the performance in a shiny yellow Fendi shirt and a finger through his lips, a smirk on them.







  The final scene is the main table shown in “Dynamite,” but this time, snacks are gone, just a few of them are spilled around with a little piece of the Rubik’s cube on it, behind the couch there’s a bicycle standing, perhaps an idea given by RM or a reference from his song released during this year’s FESTA, dinosaurs pictures and many books, in the middle of it all: pancakes with a heart-shaped butter on top was the only important thing on the frame.


  The interviewers thanked the guys for being there, as well as anticipating with emotion the new upcoming single which name wasn’t mentioned on the whole interview but was already confirmed a couple of days ago by Big Hit Entertainment (and also Ed Sheeran, probably a week ago thanks to him). V finished by thanking them and also ARMY for the love and support. The seven of them exclaim the famous “I love you, ARMY”, and waved hands.




  Watch the whole performance and interview below!