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[order of makeup application]Beauty shopper reveals how to clean your makeup brushes using common household products

  Bacteria growth – bacteria can grow inside the brushes if residue from makeup and foundation remains on the brushes for long periods of time

  Spotty application – using a dirty makeup brush can create an uneven or spotty application on the skin?

  Damages brushes – build-up on your makeup brushes can cause the fibres to break and the bristles to weaken, making it even harder to apply your makeup properly

  Skin irritation – the eventual damage caused to your brushes can start to harden the bristles and change their form, which can cause skin irritation?

  Breakouts and clogged pores -?dirty makeup tools introduce bacteria into your products and onto the skin, which can cause breakouts to occur?

  Infection – in addition to breakout-causing germs, your brushes can pick up some dangerous bacteria like E.coli as well as various fungi

  Wasted money – if the brushes aren’t cared for properly, this means the user will need to spend more money buying new brushes more frequently?

  Makeup brushes should be cleaned after every use or at least once a week