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[wash out hair color]If You’re Cheap But Like Nice Things, You’ll Love These 47 Finds On Amazon

  Some may call it budgeting, some may call it bargain-hunting, and others might call it savvy shopping —?but whatever name you have for it, it’s is a necessary part of adulting for many of us. There are some exceptions, sure. But for the most part, saving money is a good thing. That doesn’t mean you can’t buy nice things, though. Thanks to Amazon, you can splurge for a “treat yourself” purchase without putting a dent in your savings.

  Seriously — I feel like it’s my duty to tell you that even if you’re cheap, you can totally find valuable items online. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to tell what you’re getting — but reviews and ratings and photos can help. Take this faux fur rug, for example. It’s super fluffy, luxurious, and under $30. (Not to mention, it has over 21,000 positive ratings.) There’s also this motion-sensing light that sticks underneath your bed; it’s high-tech enough to make you think it’s way pricier than it is.

  These are magical products that look nice, are budget-friendly, and have positive reviews. That’s the sweet spot — and if you read on, I think you’ll see a few similar things that you’ll like on this list.

  Ashler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur RugAmazonAshler Ultra Soft Faux Sheepskin Fur Rug

  It’s only a slight exaggeration to say that this faux sheepskin rug is everything. It’s available in eleven different shapes and sizes, and a mind-blowing 19 colors (including a variety of natural and neutral colors), and some bold options like purple, red, and teal. Rest assured that if you’re able to make up your mind, whatever you choose will be super soft.

  Bedsure Satin Pillowcases (2-Piece)AmazonBedsure Satin Pillowcases (2-Piece)

  Bedsure’s satin pillowcases are fan-favorites. With more than 20 color choices and four different sizing options, there’s something for nearly every color scheme and décor style. Each set comes as a pair, and the envelope closure makes them easy to remove and wash as needed.

  Dream Spa Rainfall Shower HeadAmazonDream Spa Rainfall Shower Head

  This rainfall shower head and handheld shower combo gives you a range of choices when it comes to water pressure and spray. They can be used together or separately, and the hand nozzle has a 5-foot hose and seven spray options that you can set with a click lever, giving you a luxurious, customizable shower experience.

  CherryNow Small Woven Storage BasketAmazonCherryNow Small Woven Storage Basket

  This storage basket comes in three different color combinations, all of which have decorative fringe, tassels and functional handles. Three sizes are available, from a small size meant for keys and necessities to a larger catch-all for your loose home items like blankets and toys.

  LA JOLIE MUSE Lavender CandleAmazonLA JOLIE MUSE Lavender Candle

  If you like lavender the smell and lavender the color, this 14-ounce scented candle in a decorative lidded jar may be a dream come true. It’s made with soy wax and essential oils, and has two cotton wicks for long-lasting burning. A citronella version is available, too.

  Wondruz Makeup Mirror with LightsAmazonWondruz Makeup Mirror with Lights

  This popular makeup mirror has three different magnification levels and a border of lights on the largest panel. The included stand also allows you to rotate and secure the mirror, and easy touch controls allow you to adjust the lights. You can power it with batteries or USB.

  Twinkle Stas LED Window Curtain String LightsAmazonTwinkle Stas LED Window Curtain String Lights

  If you ask me, a curtain of string lights is almost always a good idea. This one with warm white lights is roughly 6.5 by 10 feet, and there are eight different light settings, including slow fade, waves, and steady on. You can use it inside and out, and it’s powered by a standard plug.

  SODUKU Floating Shelves (2-Piece)AmazonSODUKU Floating Shelves (2-Piece)

  These contemporary floating shelves literally create storage space out of thin air. There are five color options for the platform boards, all of which are accented with a black metal railing and small towel rack. Each shelf is roughly 16.5 inches long and 6 inches deep, and necessary hardware is included.

  Vinkor Flameless Candles (9-Piece)AmazonVinkor Flameless Candles (9-Piece)

  These nine flameless candles range from 4 to 9 inches, giving you plenty of options for display and styling across many spaces (or all together). They’re made of real wax and they’re battery powered, so make sure you have some on hand when you order. An included remote control allows you to turn the candles on and off, set flames to flicker, dim, and more.

  Clotho Turkish Hand Towels (4-Piece)AmazonClotho Turkish Hand Towels (4-Piece)

  Available in green, grey, or in a variety pack of colors, these Turkish hand towels are made of cotton, so they’re lightweight and absorbent. The cloth is thinner than traditional hand towels, but they measure larger at 18 by 40 inches. Plus, there are charming decorative tassels on the edges. They’re each machine washable —?and according to the maker, they get softer after each wash.

  Mydethun Moon Lamp Night LightAmazonMydethun Moon Lamp Night Light

  This miniature moon-shaped lamp comes in four different sizes ranging from 3.5 to 7.1 inches, with varying styles of holder. You can control the brightness by touch, and also choose between warm and cool lighting. Plus, it uses a rechargeable battery, so no cords to deal with when it’s in use.

  Artncraft Hand Painted Ceramic Knobs (12-Piece)AmazonArtncraft Hand Painted Ceramic Knobs (12-Piece)

  Knobs are like jewelry for your home, so a set of hand painted ceramic knobs like these are a cute yet practical way to dress up your cupboards and drawers. Each knob measures 1.5 to 1.75 inches in diameter, and they’re available in sets from six pieces up to 30 (which include hardware for installation, too).

  SONGMICS Metal Umbrella StandAmazonSONGMICS Metal Umbrella Stand

  This umbrella stand is a perfect place to stash — you guessed it — umbrellas, and also walking sticks, canes, and other necessities that need a home in your entryway. It’s just under 20 inches tall, and the square-shaped opening is roughly six inches on each side. Plus, there’s a plastic drain on the bottom to catch drips, and hooks for hanging small umbrellas, too.

  Vansky Motion Activated Bed LightAmazonVansky Motion Activated Bed Light

  A motion-activated under-bed light turns on when you need it to, making your bedroom a bit brighter and easier to navigate at night. The sensor picks up motion in a roughly 12 foot radius, and you can control the auto-off settings so the light stays on as long as you want. Plus, installation is super easy, with adhesive already attached.

  Vailge Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover (3-Piece)AmazonVailge Pinch Pleated Duvet Cover (3-Piece)

  Available in five colors and in twin-size all the way up to California king, this pleated duvet cover can upgrade nearly any bed. It’s machine-washable and has a zippered enclosure so your duvet stays where you need it to. It also comes with coordinating pillowcases with a matching pinch pleated design.

  LEVOIT Kana Himalayan Salt LampAmazonLEVOIT Kana Himalayan Salt Lamp

  In addition to many rumored health benefits, Himalayan salt lamps?— like this version from LEVOIT?—?emit a soft amber glow and make a lovely decorative statement. There are four different shapes and sizes to choose from with a range of features including a touch dimmer, extra bulbs, and a sturdy base.

  VEEMOS 2-Tier Corner Counter ShelfAmazonVEEMOS 2-Tier Corner Counter Shelf

  At 11 inches high, this two-tiered corner shelf is perfectly sized for countertop. The shelf platforms are durable white plastic, with a metal rack accent that comes in rose gold or silver. It’s ideal for a bathroom or kitchen counter, but is versatile enough to work elsewhere, too. And the best part? Assembly is super simple, and no tools are required.

  KMWARES Apothecary Jars (3-Piece)AmazonKMWARES Apothecary Jars (3-Piece)

  These coordinating apothecary jars offers three differently sized jars that are cute enough for display and practical enough for storage. Ranging from roughly 4 to 7 inches tall, each jar has a corresponding lid and is made of fully transparent glass so you can see contents. They work for bathrooms, kitchens, craft supplies, and more.

  Monstleo Glass Storage JarsAmazonMonstleo Glass Storage Jars

  You might feel like a professional organizer with these glass storage jars on hand. There are four sets to choose from?— each with different sizes?— so you can pick according to your needs or get them all so you’re ready for any future pantry emergencies. The bamboo lids have silicone bands that make them airtight, and the glass is dishwasher safe.

  Odyseaco Mesh Beach Bag Tote with Insulated CoolerAmazonOdyseaco Mesh Beach Bag Tote with Insulated Cooler

  This classic beach tote, available in black and teal, is large enough to hold four beach towels, and it’s made of mesh so you can keep an eye on your gear without worrying too much about sand or wetness. But the best part? The zippered bottom compartment is an insulated cooler.

  Eywamage Gold Glass Flameless Candles (3-Pack)AmazonEywamage Gold Glass Flameless Candles (3-Pack)

  Unlike some similar options, this set of flameless candles comes in pretty glass jars that give them a more sophisticated appearance. There are five styles to choose from (gold, grey, green, red, and floral painted glass), and each set includes a remote control and offers timer and dimming capabilities, too.

  GE Vintage LED Night LightAmazonGE Vintage LED Night Light

  Night lights have come a long way, haven’t they? This GE night light has the look of a vintage farmhouse fixture, but takes an LED bulb, and uses “light sensing technology” to automatically turn on and off. It’s available in three colors (plus a color-changing mode), and there are packs of one or two to choose from.

  FEISCON Compact Jewelry CaseAmazonFEISCON Compact Jewelry Case

  This sleek jewelry organizer is great for travel, or for storing accessories at home. It comes in black, grey, green, or pink, and has perfectly-sized compartments for rings and bracelets, hooks for necklaces, and even a panel for stud earrings. It’s just over 6 inches long, yet comfortably fits dozens plenty of jewelry.

  HUMIWA Faux Fur SlippersAmazonHUMIWA Faux Fur Slippers

  You had me at “fuzzy flip-flop slippers.” These faux fur slip-ons are available in women’s sizes ranging from 5.5 to 12, and there are twenty colors and patterns to choose from (I’m especially partial to the purple and coffee shades). They have a rubber, waterproof sole, so they’re a great post-shower option, too.

  Ekouaer Sarong CoverupAmazonEkouaer Sarong Coverup

  Few things are as versatile as a sarong coverup. This chiffon option from comes in 40 different colors and patterns. With long ties and a triangle shape, you’ll find many wears to comfortably wear it. Plus, it’s simple to create a stylish side tie —?and many customers wrote that it’s “good quality.”

  The Wrap Life Ribbed Stretch Bandie AmazonThe Wrap Life Ribbed Stretch Bandie

  The Wrap Life’s Bandie head wrap comes in six gorgeous colors including chestnut, cider, clay, and more?—?and according to the brand, they were inspired by the Pantone Skintone Guide. They’re 36 inches long and 6 inches wide, and the jersey is ribbed and stretchy, allowing multiple ways of styling that work for all hair types.

  Savvy & Sorted Minimalist Spice LabelsAmazonSavvy & Sorted Minimalist Spice Labels

  As the brand name tells us, these minimalist spice labels will indeed help you feel “savvy and sorted”. The preprinted labels are waterproof vinyl stickers, so you don’t need to worry about splashes or spills, and they can be easily removed, replaced, and adjusted. A whopping list of 94 different spices is represented in each set, and bonus expiration date stickers and blank labels.

  Geestock Leather Belt BagAmazonGeestock Leather Belt Bag

  Personally, I am here for the return of fanny packs. This Geestock belt bag modernizes the trend with quilted faux leather, a gold zipper and clasp, and a detachable strap. There’s one large pocket with room for phone, wallet, keys, and more. It’s available in red, white, black, and yellow.

  HITOMEN Handmade Round Rattan Basket (3-Piece)AmazonHITOMEN Handmade Round Rattan Basket (3-Piece)

  These three round rattan baskets have diameters ranging from roughly nine to 12 inches, and height measurements no taller than 4 inches. Each has a wavy top edge that matches the others in the set, and a wide bowl shape that accommodates fruit, bread, flowers, and more.

  YAPISHI White Marble Leather Remote Control HolderAmazonYAPISHI White Marble Leather Remote Control Holder

  This faux leather remote control holder?— which comes in 11 different styles (including a gorgeous green and relaxed grey) —?has five compartments, the largest of which can even fit a tablet. Sized to fit perfectly on a coffee table or desktop, there’s a round swivel base so you can easily find and grab exactly what you need.

  LilySilk 100% Silk ScrunchiesAmazonLilySilk 100% Silk Scrunchies

  Can one ever have too many scrunchies — especially silk scrunchies? These gorgeous hair ties from LilySilk come in 16 lovely colors (the charcoal purple is my favorite), and you can buy them as single scrunchies or in cost-efficient packs of seven or 15. The mulberry silk material is shiny and smooth as well as gentler on hair than traditional elastic bands.

  Ferfil Wooden Wine RackAmazonFerfil Wooden Wine Rack

  This stylish and functional wooden wine rack can hold up to 10 full-sized bottles, yet it still fits easily on your counter (at just under 18 inches wide). The classic wood fits a number of décor styles and color schemes, plus it also folds up and tucks away when not in use.

  True Zoo Wine Glass MarkersAmazonTrue Zoo Wine Glass Markers

  Allow guests to tell their drinks apart with these whimsical wine glass markers shaped like miniature cheese, donuts, pizza, or slices of citrus fruit. All sets come with at least six markers made of food-grade silicone, making them safe to keep near drinks (and for the dishwasher, too).

  Keebofly Jewelry Organizer AmazonKeebofly Jewelry Organizer

  This jewelry holder has a three-tiered black metal rack for display, as well as two separate drawer compartments for safekeeping. It stands just over 10 inches high and five inches wide, and there are four color options for the wood base, which also serves as a tray.

  ZANSHI Rustic Wood Floating ShelvesAmazonZANSHI Rustic Wood Floating Shelves

  These matching floating wood shelves are 16.5 inches long a piece, and each has a black metal frame to keep items in place. A single towel holder is part of the set too, perfect for hand towels or for extra hooks. Plus, hardware and screws for assembly and installation are included.

  Kitsch Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Drying Scrunchies (2-Pack)AmazonKitsch Ultra Soft Microfiber Hair Drying Scrunchies (2-Pack)

  These microfiber hair drying scrunchies keep wet hair up and out of the way while helping it dry. The absorbent material takes over where towels leave off and lessen the need for hair dryers, ultimately protecting your hair from heat. They come in packs of two, and four different styles are available.

  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Scented Soy Aromatherapy CandleAmazonMrs. Meyer's Clean Day Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle

  Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day soy candles come in a glass jar with clean, minimalist packaging. Six different scents are offered in 4.9-ounce sizes, and you can also get favorites lemon verbena and honeysuckle in 7.2 ounce sizes. The wicks promise 35 hours of burning, and the included lid can protect the candle in between uses.

  LastRound Reusable Cotton RoundsAmazonLastRound Reusable Cotton Rounds

  These washable and reusable cotton rounds replace the disposable versions and help reduce packaging waste. Each package comes with seven cotton pads that work for face washing, makeup removal, and more. Plus, there’s an included holder that’s offered in six chic colors. The best part? Each pad is meant to replace more than 100 cotton rounds.

  Under Eye Collagen Patches (30-Pairs)AmazonUnder Eye Collagen Patches (30-Pairs)

  These under-eye patches are made with 24-karat gold and snail slime which — stay with me — offer skincare benefits including hydration and reduced puffiness. Each treatment is meant to last for just 15 to 20 minutes. Thirty pairs of eye masks come in a resealable jar, cutting down on waste like that with individually packaged masks.

  mDesign Plastic Makeup OrganizerAmazonmDesign Plastic Makeup Organizer

  This sleek countertop organizer has is divided perfectly for makeup, swabs, cotton rounds, hair ties, and other small essentials. The body of the organizer made of durable and transparent plastic, and there are nine pastel and metal-inspired choices for the lid and base. It works well in bathrooms or for desk supplies, too.

  KAF Home Pantry Lemons All Over Kitchen Dish Towel (4-Piece)AmazonKAF Home Pantry Lemons All Over Kitchen Dish Towel (4-Piece)

  These four lemon-themed dish towels instantly freshen up your kitchen. They’re the perfect size, at 18 by 28 inches, and they all have a loop sewn in for easy hanging. Each towel its own unique pattern, including one with a bright lemon print —?and they’re all machine washable for easy maintenance.

  Elero Round Throw Pillow AmazonElero Round Throw Pillow

  Is it weird to want to jump into a whole pile of these round throw pillows? First of all, they’re lined with —?and secondly, the round shape is so cozy and inviting. There are five rich and sophisticated colors to choose from, and I kinda want them all, TBH.

  rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window FilmAmazonrabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film

  Whether your goal is privacy, UV protection, or a decorative statement, these window clings have got you (and your windows) covered. They let some light in, but they don’t require glue or adhesive, so installation is simple.?Plus, there’s never residue left behind if you remove or adjust them. They come in three different sizes, or you can cut them for a custom fit on your windows.

  GMCOZY Paper Towel Holder AmazonGMCOZY Paper Towel Holder

  This sleek paper towel holder makes it quick and easy to grab what you need without taking up precious counter space. You can install it under the cupboards in your kitchen, or on the wall, and it’s available in matte black or brushed nickel to seamlessly blend into most décor styles.

  LONGKING Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash (10-Piece)AmazonLONGKING Peel and Stick Tile Backsplash (10-Piece)

  If you want to polished look of a luxe backsplash (but without the extra effort involved), may I suggest these peel-and-stick tile stickers? They’re available in six color palettes, and they come in sets of 10 sheets that measure just shy of 12 by 12 inches. The best part? They look just like the real thing.

  oaskys Cooling Mattress TopperAmazonoaskys Cooling Mattress Topper

  This best-selling cooling mattress pad is available in six sizes, from twin all the way up to California king. It’s filled with a down alternative that’s breathable and that helps users to sleep cool. It’s also easy to keep clean since it’s machine washable?— and it’s durable too, according to buyers.

  ideaglass Countertop OrganizerAmazonideaglass Countertop Organizer

  This cupboard-friendly countertop shelf comes in three lengths and two colors (white and black), all of which are roughly 8 inches deep and just under 10 inches high. It’s made with durable metal and can hold up to 30 pounds of weight, so even your heaviest dishes should fit.