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[funny jokes to tell]One Look At Jeff Bezos Phalic-Shaped ‘Spacecraft’ & Twitter Just Can’t Stop With The D**** Jokes

  Amazon boss Jeff Bezos recently went up very high in the air on his private flight. I am sorry, I am just not calling that space. That’s just rich white boys tell themselves to feel good about themselves.?

  Source: CNBCSource: WION

  Wait did everyone else know Jeff Bezos’ rocket ship looks like a giant penis

  — Jess Goodwin (@thejessgoodwin) July 20, 2021

  Is it just me or does Jeff Bezos’s ship look like a massive dildo…#Bezos #JeffBezos pic.twitter.com/KlfhsMNX4F

  — Mr Free Speech – Centrefusenik (@Centrefuter) July 20, 2021

  The entire internet watching Jeff Bezos fly into space. pic.twitter.com/3g7bxjNETM

  — Jesse McLaren (@McJesse) July 20, 2021


  — Andrew Joyce (@AndrewPaulJoyce) July 20, 2021

  ”The physics required to launch such a big dick into space… and just to be clear I’m talking about @JeffBezos not the rocket.”$RVV $RVVTF will hopefully soon follow a similar trajectory as it completes its phase 3 clinical study. #BlueOrigin #COVID19 pic.twitter.com/TMbe6fwFjb

  — Revive Therapeutics (unofficial) (@revivethera) July 20, 2021

  what is we kissed in front of the Jeff Bezos dick rocket? pic.twitter.com/vYEzCjUIlo

  — dissociative barbie (@skilvaaa) July 20, 2021

  Space bout to get fucked pic.twitter.com/z2NCBxQK8l

  — amber ruffin (@ambermruffin) July 20, 2021

  I know all rockets are dick shaped to an extent, but Jeff Bezos rocket is the most dick shaped of all the rockets. Like, we get it, Jeff. pic.twitter.com/zYONzisCxG

  — Matthew Highton (@MattHighton) July 20, 2021

  Bezos saab flew to space thinking that y’all will be talking about him , but everyone’s talking about the dick-rocket instead.

  — That Goan Guy (@schmmuck) July 20, 2021

  Today humanity put a giant dick into space.

  The rocket was a funny shape too. #jeffbezos #BlueOrigin #blueoriginlaunch #bezos pic.twitter.com/xwC03Xki1q

  — Elise Andrew (@Elise_Andrew) July 20, 2021

  Global proletariat: we are sick of a system that kills 14 million people a year needlessly worldwide so that a few can be rich

  Bezos: Imma fly my dick rocket to space pic.twitter.com/b3PhlsAwOl

  — Dr. Asatar Bair (@asatarbair) July 20, 2021

  So Bezos rode a rocket dick into space and was done in 5 minutes? The jokes write themselves… pic.twitter.com/BQfBXYPoDM

  — Mr. Leo ass on read 7/31 (@MikeAndMax365) July 20, 2021

  When anyone asks what capitalism is, show them Bezos riding a dick-shaped rocket into space. pic.twitter.com/QEpCxsblmg

  — Jared Davidson (@anrchivist) July 20, 2021

  you’re telling me we’re drinking on paper straws while the multi-billion dollar jeff bezos is planning on riding a dick rocket to space? pic.twitter.com/StumbZQ9fH

  — ? (@halaagire) July 19, 2021

  Jeff Bezos is a coward and a nerd for not also giving his dick-rocket a nutsack.

  — Josh Gondelman (@joshgondelman) July 20, 2021

  Wow. If I were insecure about my small penis, I won’t be going around telling the world about it. Just saying.?