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[chris ivery]Mariska Hargitay and The Cinema Society Host an Undercover Party in Honor of Marvel’s Black Widow

  A notable crowd turned up for the private screening of?Black Widow?at the East Hampton movie theater, hosted by The Cinema Society. Starring Scarlett Johansson as a cut-throat spy with a mysterious past and newcomer to the Marvel series, Florence Pugh, guests were treated to an adrenaline rush of an evening.?

  Amongst the many thrill-seekers were: David Harbour, Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann, Drew Barrymore, Ellen Pompeo, Chris Ivery, Brooke Shields, Zachary Quinto, and Christie Brinkley. A light soirée followed the premiere at the East Hampton ‘hideout’ belonging to Hargitay. A summer buffet was served with all of the season’s favorites, from lobster rolls and mac & cheese to sweet bites of peach cobbler and brownies hand-decorated with the?Black Widow?logo.?

  Black Widow?hits theaters Friday, July 9.