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[riddles]51 Riddles For Kids: Easy, Hard, And Funny Riddles for Kids Big & Small

  Word play, puns, and puzzles are a great learning tool for children. Kids might think they’re a game, but at the same time you’re secretly teaching them critical thinking skills — it’s like hiding vegetables in a bar of chocolate. And to get you started in raising an enthusiastic puzzler, consider these riddles for kids.

  Kids’ understanding of a riddle will depend on their age range, but concern about whether they’ll “get it” shouldn’t stop you from riddling them. You might be surprised to find that your child either a) loves the game regardless of whether they understand what they’re playing or not or b) keeps mulling over the riddle for a few days coming up with different answers each day. And each answer is an opportunity to explore their ideas, understanding of abstract thoughts, and just giggle. Because let’s be honest, kids have hilarious answers to confusing questions.

  As a bonus, once your child has mastered some of these riddles, tell them to make their own. You might be shocked to discover what clever ideas they come up with.

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  A newspaper.

  A promise.

  The word “wrong.” It’s the only word that’s spelled W-R-O-N-G.

  Breakfast and lunch.

  A candle.

  “Are you asleep?”

  Your age.

  An echo.


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  The fridge.

  A pencil.


  A riverbank.

  Your name.

  A chair.

  Your nose.

  The letter W.


  A shoe.

  Little boy and his sister are playing on the bed.SanyaSM/E+/Getty Images

  An onion.

  A joke.


  A coin.

  A plate.




  A horse.

  A kitten.

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  A polka dot.

  A blue jay.

  All of them, of course.


  Ten tickles (tentacles).

  Moo York.


  Because they’re always stuffed.

  Long time, no sea.

  The captain was standing on the deck.

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  By hare plane.

  A telephone.

  He wanted to have sweet dreams.


  Stones that are dry.

  Your voice.

  Because it pays attention in the class and does its homework on time.

  A piano.

  A battery.

  A street.

  A hole.

  Ready to riddle? Pull this list out next time you’re on a road trip or at the dinner table and put your kids to the test.