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[paper crafts for kids]LET’S GET CRAFTY | Pop-up business in Louisville brings summer camp to kids

  LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Some kids might not enroll in summer camps this year due to COVID-19, but with a little color and creativity, one woman’s pop-up business is bringing the fun of camps to them.

  Sitting crisscross applesauce by the pool each Tuesday and Thursday at the GlenOaks Country Club, dozens of kids craft pieces of artwork with Let’s Get Crafty!

  Julie Engelhardt started the business after moving to the Louisville area in 2015. She says she has worked office jobs in the past, but always knew she wanted to do something where she could help kids channel their inner creativity.

  ”May it be coloring or whatever Julie does, it’s amazing that all the kids want to come and participate, it kind of gives a little break to mom and dad,” said GlenOaks General Manager Jeff Gatta.

  The business first started hosting small events at Macy’s in Louisville, then Engelhardt says she held a few events at Kroger locations before being asked to come to the GlenOaks Country Club.

  Engelhardt arrives at the club with all her supplies loaded into big boxes and sets up four small tables for the craft of the day.

  To help keep kids safe during the pandemic, the 58-year-old says she asks the kids to use hand sanitizer and limits seating to four kids per table.

  The one-woman-shop puts out a signup sheet when she arrives, usually filling up slots in a matter of minutes.

  ”We’ve done rock painting and something called pointillism painting, where you take daps of paint with a Q-tip and you do dot painting,” said Engelhardt. “One of my favorite ones is we made a boat out of those pool noodles.”

  Each fresh idea comes from years of preparation.?

  ”Over the years I’ve collected a lot of craft books. My kids, who are both adults, both liked doing arts and crafts, so I got some ideas from that. I was a substitute teacher and I was a den mom for scouts, so I got a lot of ideas through that,” said Engelhardt.?

  ”It’s always some new fun, and it’s nice to see them smile, it’s great,” said Gatta.

  Her latest craft was making cupcakes that looked like movie-theatre popcorn.?

  Julie and the kids made them by using red and white stripped paper as the cupcake holder, then putting on frosting, and topping the cupcakes with yellow marshmallows.

  It’s a unique twist on a favorite treat that had kids smiling and asking for extra marshmallows.

  ”For the past year kids have been inside and they really haven’t had the opportunity to do things that are fun,” said Engelhardt. “I think it’s really important for them to get out and kind of explore their creativity and that’s what I enjoy about doing this.”

  ”It’s like that school teacher that you just love and couldn’t wait to get back to at school. She’s loved by the kids,” said Gatta.

  In the winter, you may spot Engelhardt around town performing as Mrs. Claus and as a scarecrow during the fall.?

  If you’d like to have Lets Get Crafty come to one of your events you can find Julie’s contact by emailing: jengelha@aol.com.

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