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[facts for kids]’Identify kids eligible for PM CARES for Children scheme’: Centre tells states, UTs

  The Ministry of Women and Child Development (WCD) has written to states and Union territories (UTs), urging them to direct district magistrates to identify children who were orphaned due to the coronavirus pandemic, and hence are eligible to receive support under the PM CARES for Children scheme.

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  ”I would request you to direct the district magistrates in your states to identify children eligible for support under the PM CARES for Children scheme and populate the pmcaresforchildren.in portal with details of eligible children, to enable prompt assistance to them. This task may be completed within the next 15 days,” Indevar Pandey, secretary, WCD Ministry, wrote in his letter to chief secretaries of all states and UTs. The letter was issued on July 22.

  ’pmcaresforchildren.in,’ Pandey noted, is the web portal launched to identify kids eligible for the PM Cares for Children scheme.

  The letter further gave details of the process to be followed for identifying such children. It stated that a drive should be organised for the identification of these children with the help of police, District Child Protection Unit (DCPU) and civil society organisations, adding that once identified, they should be produced in front of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) within 24 hours of the child being noticed, excluding the journey time.

  Next, the letter said, application form for seeking support may be filled up by the child or a caregiver. This should be followed by the CWC and DCPU gathering facts about the child, including the cause of death of the parents, it said.

  ”In case a particular child is not recommended for support, reasons should be mentioned on the portal for the DM to take a view. The DM can make an independent assessment about every child whether recommended or not. Once satisfied, the official may confirm the eligibility of a child, which shall be final,” the document noted.

  The PM Cares for Children scheme was announced by prime minister Narendra Modi on May 29 at a time when the devastating second Covid-19 wave was at its peak. Under this scheme, children, whose parents lost their lives due to Covid-19, will get a monthly stipend once they turn 18 and a fund of ?10 lakh when they turn 23.

  On July 22, the Union government informed Parliament that between April and May 28, parents of 645 children lost their lives due to the viral disease.

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