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[pumpkin designs templates]Best pumpkin carving kits, tips and ideas for 2020 | London Evening Standard | Evening Standard


  alloween is fast approaching and this year, it’s time to step up your pumpkin carving game with a few clever tools.

  While the traditional toothy grinned jack-o’-lantern is a classic, we are looking to go that extra mile and create more intricate pumpkin designs that really bring the wow factor.

  Create a pumpkin that you will be proud to put in your window with these fun carving kits that also contain stencils to get your creative juices flowing and impress your neighbours, whether you are a pumpkin carving novice or an expert in the art of the autumnal carve.

  These sets will bring the whole family together thanks to the child-friendly stencils that are far safer and easier to use than just knives. Before we dive into the tools of the pumpkin trade here’s our tried and tested tips for making your pumpkin marvellous.

  1. Give your pumpkin a good scrub. Start by washing your pumpkin with a bit of warm water – no soap needed – and use a non abrasive pad to get rid of any surface dirt. Pat dry.

  2. If you’re not using a stencil make sure to use a non permanent or erasable maker to draw your design. If you mess up just wipe clean and you’re good to go.

  3. Don’t restrict yourself to just faces! Words, animals, geometric shapes – it’s all possible with a bit of patience, persistence and creativity.

  4. Carve before you scoop! We know this might feel wrong but the filling will create extra stability and will help prevent your pumpkin from falling apart mid-carve.

  5. Sprinkle cinnamon on the inside of your pumpkin lid, the aroma is like a fresh pumpkin pie in your home.

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  Beginners and expert carvers alike will love this set from Amazon that contains everything you need to create a truly spooky pumpkin this year.

  There are 16 pages of stencils with detailing instructions for easy, medium and hard abilities. There are also LED lights and a scoop, drill, stencil wheel and two carving saws. The inclusion of a lighting device is also a rather clever and certainly more safe than your average candle.

  £5.99 | Amazon

  This comprehensive set contains an impressive 17 different tools for every part of the pumpkin carving process. The high-quality kit is made up of a pumpkin scoop, two different saws, specialised tooth saws, templates, a carrying case and more.

  £14.99 | Amazon

  Master the art of pumpkin carving with this premier set. It contains six pieces including a carving scoop, drill, triangle carving spoon, etching tool and two saws.

  £9.99 | Amazon

  Nothing says terrifying quite like a bunch of glowing teeth shoved into the face of a pumpkin, and that’s kind of the point.

  The fun thing about these Halloween themed chompers is you don’t a candle to illuminate a terrifying smile. We also see potential for future spousal pranks evolving some rather creative suppers and lunchbox surprises. You have been warned!

  £2.49 | Amazon

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  For anyone looking to seriously up their pumpkin carving game, this instructional book gives you the step by step process to create unique and professional looking carved pumpkins.

  £8.96 | Wordery

  Ideal for carving with kids, this carving kit is much safer than using knives. Alongside the saws, scooper, poker wheel and drill, there are also ten stencils for all carving abilities and a range of different designs, from your classic to more detailed werewolf and ghost options.

  £4.98 | Amazon

  For little ones who are still too young to handle a blade no matter how safe it is, opt instead for this set of Halloween decals and stickers. Mix and match to create your own spooky, and no doubt funny faces without the risk of even the smallest cut or mishap.

  £8.99 | Amazon