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[easy elf ideas]Elf on the Shelf 2020 ideas from Quarantine Elf to Flossing Elf

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  It has fast become as much a Christmas tradition as mince pies and mistletoe, and this Tuesday, Elf on the Shelf will return for millions of Scots families.

  For some it might be their first year dealing with the mischievous elf, but for others Santa's little helper has been visiting for years.

  As the years roll on it's hard for parents to keep up momentum and keep their elf ideas fresh.

  We've all seen and done the photo doodled on, the elf on the zip wire, popping out of the cereal box, making a snow angel in flour, the list is fun, and endless.

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  But they've all been done before. We need some fresh ideas.

  So for 2020, a year like no other, we have come up with 10 inventive ideas for your elf to get involved with.


  Quarantine Elf is as 2020 as it comes

  (Image: Pinterest)

  Very on brand for 2020 is the Quarantine Elf. When he arrives on December 1, why not pop him in a jar with a sign letting your little people know when he will be released from isolation.

  Depending on how lazy you? want to be, you cold have him in there until December 15, leaving you just nine days of drumming up elf ideas – or you could tell your offspring their elf is in his last day of Quarantine since coming in from the North Police and he will be getting up to mischief as of December 2.


  Social Distancing Elf is a cracker

  (Image: Pinterest)

  Again, another one that perfectly sums up 2020.

  Arm your elf with a mask and a measuring tape and make sure everyone keeps a safe two metre distance.


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  Bookworm Elf

  (Image: Pinterest)

  This might be the most simple and gorgeous idea ever.

  Perch your elf on or near a bookshelf and have him hold a sign asking for your child to read him or her a book. Perfect.

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  Good Deed Elf helps get your little dudes to help out round the house

  (Image: Pinterest)

  Elfing is a lot of work for parents, so make those pesky little dudes work for you.

  Have your elf hold a sign that asks them to do a good deed.

  This idea is great and should encourage your kids to tidy up or do whatever you want them to do – as long as the elf is asking.


  Floor is Lava Elf

  (Image: Pinterest)

  Almost every child of this generation knows and loves this game, so why not get the elf involved.

  This works well if your family has more than one elf.


  Barber Elf

  (Image: Pinterest)

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  Might be an idea to use an old, forgotten about doll as opposed to your child's most prized possession though. That could end badly.


  Flossing Elf

  (Image: Pinterest)

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  Simple and doesn't cost a penny (unless you don't have dental floss at home).


  Balloon Bursting Elf

  (Image: Pinterest)

  This idea is so simple and is sure to delight.

  Buy a pack of ordinary party balloons (try to buy 'large' if possible) and stretch the opening of one of the balloons and squash the elf inside.

  Then blow the balloon up and tie it.

  Blow up the remaining balloons and get your kids to pop them to find the elf.


  Treasure Hunt Elf

  (Image: Pinterest)

  Have your elf lay out a simple treasure hunt around your home, leaving clues.

  Treasure could be something simple like a treat or a voucher for more screen time.

  Whatever makes them tick.


  Naughty Elf

  (Image: Pinterest)

  There are so many naughty elf ideas which have already been tried and tested and while this one probably isn't brand new, it's definitely one of our, lesser seen favourites.

  Draw a face on a carrot and have your elf positions as if he is grating him.