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[riddle me this]WWE: Riddle confirms legitimate beef with Seth Rollins

  Speaking with talkSPORT, Riddle has commented on the rumours that he has beef with SmackDown star Seth Rollins, confirming that the pair don’t really like one another.

  Riddle told Alex McCarthy that he and Seth Rollins aren’t the best of friends, noting that their issues stem from an Instagram post Riddle’s wife made regarding the body of Rollins’ fiancé, Becky Lynch, as well as other female WWE stars:

  “I’ll be honest, I’ve met Seth multiple times and he’s met me and I don’t think we’ll ever be best friends [laughs]. I don’t think we like one another, we’re just two different people. [Although] we both love wrestling,” said Riddle.

  “I know my significant other said something about Becky that they didn’t like and I also did not like or agree with. Seth didn’t like me after that and I don’t think Becky liked me or my wife either, which is understandable. It is what it is.”

  Riddle and Seth Rollins don't exactly like one another

  Seth Rollins, whether in character or not, has said numerous times over the past year or so that he doesn’t have any desire to work with Riddle.

  Riddle and Seth Rollins were both involved in the men’s Survivor Series match last year, but Rollins was eliminated before he and Riddle had the chance to square off. Some speculated that this could have been because Rollins didn’t want to work with Riddle, and the WWERaw star has commented on that possibility:

  “After Survivor Series… I tried to talk to Seth beforehand but he kind of avoided me and he did bow out early [in the match].

  “I don’t know if he did that because he didn’t want to work with me or whatever because there was three other guys in the match. He could have done something. He was in there with Sheamus, he could have done a spot.”

  However, Riddle did tell talkSPORT that he and Seth Rollins spoke to each other after the match, where Riddle apologised to the former WWE Champion for the comments his wife made, something that Rollins appreciated:

  After Survivor Series, because he was there I got to talk to him and I said ‘Hey’ and a camera came up to us to film it and I said ‘No, don’t come over here, don’t film this. It’s between me and him. We talked. I told him – and this is exactly what I said – I said ‘Hey man, what was said, I don’t agree with it. I thought it was bullcrap. It’s not cool. I just want you to know I apologise, I apologise on her behalf as well.

  “On top of that I think you’re a great performer and if you would ever have it in your heart to work with me, I would love that. And, I know you’re taking some time off because Becky is pregnant, about to have a kid, just want to wish you luck, congratulations, enjoy your time with your beautiful girlfriend – at the time, now wife – and your beautiful child.’

  “And he literally looked at me and he goes ‘Holy s***. I didn’t expect that. Everything I hear from people and what I expected… that was really cool. Thank you.’ And that’s where we ended it. I said ‘Thank you for listening and giving me the time, bro. I hope we’re good now.’ And I will say this, we’re good enough to be working together, I don’t think we’re friends.”

  Seth Rollins and Riddle legitimately don't like eachother

  Seth Rollins hit Riddle with a Curb Stomp in the men’s Royal Rumble match this year, which Riddle suggests may have been somewhat stiff. The former UFC star said that Rollins is “going to get it” if the pair ever share the ring again:

  “I’ll tell you this, that last curb stomp he gave me at the Royal Rumble, we’re not friends [laughs]. When I get in the ring with him, he’s going to get it! Put that online! Can we get back in the ring? I need to repay that curb stomp, bro!”

  Riddle will be in action at Money in the Bank next weekend, where he is one of the favourites to win the men’s ladder match. Seth Rollins will try and earn a spot in the match tonight on SmackDown when he goes one-on-one with long-time rival Cesaro.

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