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[baby sensory ideas]18 unique baby shower gift ideas

  Finding a baby shower gift can be tricky, particularly if you don’t know the parents that well. You won’t always know what kind of things they want, need or already have.

  Luckily our baby shower gift guide is full of unique ideas that make for lovely presents for every type of baby and parent.

  Looking for something for the parents specifically? You can check out our complete round-up of gifts for dad and you might find inspiration for mums-to-be in our round-up of things worth buying from the Range’s homeware section.

  Photo: Jojo Maman Bebe

  Cute and practical, this swaddle has been carefully designed to ensure that baby is safe and snug without being too tightly bound. The cute elephant pattern comes in two colours and the fabric can be personalised to make it an even more unique baby shower gift.

  £15 at Jojo Maman Bebe

  Photo: Wayfair

  This high chair is ideal for parents with impeccably decorated homes as it features a pared-back grey colourway and angled blonde wood legs that won’t look out of place in any space.

  £69.99 at Wayfair

  Photo: Gap

  This 5-pack of bibs wins major points for cuteness- the milestone decorations are perfect for the Insta-mums, while the neutral bear design is ideal for parents who don’t want to know the sex of the baby yet. Almost too pretty to wear as bibs- but they make for a beautiful baby shower gift nonetheless.

  £19.96 at GAP

  Photo: Boots/ Mothercare

  Suitable from birth and upwards, we can’t think of anything more adorable than a baby wrapped up in a hooded towel like this one. I mean- look at those ears! The fabric is super-soft too, so once baby is wrapped up in this, your parent friends might not want to let them go.

  £12 at Boots

  Photo: Marks & Spencer

  This exact comforter went down a storm when one of our editorial team got this for a friend’s baby shower a few years ago. Trust us; you get a pretty big sense of achievement being the person who bought the go-to toy for baby. This lovey is super soft and offers signature Marks & Spencer quality.

  £12 at Marks & Spencer

  Photo: John Lewis

  When they’re old enough to appreciate toys at bathtime, this punchy playset will fit the bill perfectly. We love the mix of shapes and colours, plus the suction pads allow for simple storage.

  £12.50 at John Lewis

  Photo: Marks & Spencer

  This is another unique baby shower gift that’ll work best when baby’s a bit older. From the smart minds at the Early Learning Centre, this drum is designed to facilitate sensory function in babies from nine months and up. The icing on the cake? Reviewers mention that unlike some baby toys, the music isn’t too unbearable- your expectant parents will thank you for that.

  £20 at Marks & Spencer

  Photo: Gap

  This tasteful eggshell ensemble is flying off the shelves faster than it can be restocked- and we can see why! The organic cotton is soft and gentle on baby’s skin and the teddy-inspired beanie that comes with it makes a stylish outfit that’s equally well-suited to lazy days at home or days out seeing the world.

  £16.99 at Gap

  Photo: Boden

  Do they make these in an adult size? Because we love them. If we had enough confidence, we’d rock these bright green dungarees at Daily Mail Best Buys. Bonus points for the adjustable shoulder straps and gusset poppers, too.

  From £29 at Boden

  Photo: Gap

  It’s never too early to co-ordinate, and this honey-toned dress and matching headband is sure to be a wardrobe winner for mums expecting baby girls, particularly as the weather warms up. It’s also been carefully designed to allow easy slip-on and slip-off, making it practical as well as pretty.

  £22.46 at GAP

  Photo: Jojo Maman Bebe

  Bright and colourful, these stickers will liven up any bedroom or playroom. Baby will love the cute characters and punchy print.

  £15 at Jojo Maman Bebe

  Photo: Boots / Mothercare

  Mixing textures, shapes and colours, this fairytale-inspired spiral is a superb sensory addition to a baby cot or pushchair. Babies will love learning to grab and grip, and it’s elegant and pretty to boot.

  £12 at Boots

  Photo: Wayfair

  The dream mix of space and style, this wall organiser features big, roomy pockets- ideal for time-pressed new parents who can just chuck everything in and be done with it. You’d never know how messy the contents of the pockets are though, thanks to the delicate, butterfly-print design on the exterior.

  £29.99 at Wayfair

  Photo: The Range

  This one is actually better suited to prams rather than bedrooms, but we couldn’t resist throwing it in. How cute is that sun print? This 70cmx100cm blanket is soft, machine washable and equally good for snuggles or spills.

  £9.99 at the Range

  Photo: Boots

  Tailored to anyone who’s concerned about stretch marks (even though you shouldn’t be- they’re completely normal) or is just in need of a pampering at-home spa session, this gift set promises soft, supple skin thanks to an enriching blend of coconut oil and rosehip water.

  £15 at Boots

  Photo: Waterstones

  For mums who are having a great experience with pregnancy, this interactive journal makes a lovely gift for documenting the journey. She’ll be able to look back on each trimester and re-live all the special moments and key milestones.

  £15 at Waterstone’s

  Photo: Asos

  Pregnancy is an amazing thing, but it can make you feel a little unfamiliar with your own body. Help your expectant friends get their groove back with this jumpsuit- it’s form-flattering with a pretty-hemmed neckline and airy wide legs. Cool and stylish- what’s not to love?

  £25 at Asos

  Photo: Boden

  This is another gift idea for expectant mums needing a spring back in their step. Afterall, this sun hat looks like it should be worn while sipping rosé on the Cote d’Azur, doesn’t it? It’s sleek and sophisticated but the wide brim is practical and will keep the sun out of her face- and baby’s too, if it’s worn while breastfeeding.

  £45 at Boden

  Prices updated on 23/07/2021. We are not responsible for any changes on the prices mentioned above.