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[very funny jokes]Bradley Beal saw your jokes about Gregg Popovich calling him thick | RSN

  Team USA head coach Gregg Popovich expressed surprise the other day at how strong Bradley Beal is, as after coaching him up close, he realized Beal is bigger than he appears from afar. Popovich, when speaking about Beal, used the word “thick,” which fans?on social media found particularly funny.

  As per usual with Beal, there were memes.

  Well, Beal saw it all and thought it was very funny. He’s used to going viral for meme-able moments, though not for this particular reason. But he saw the jokes and was able to laugh about them.

  When asked if he has been lifting more or changing his nutrition this offseason to add muscle, Beal explained to NBC Sports Washington why Popovich may feel that way.

  ”A little bit of both. It’s definitely the Rockin’ [Protein]. The protein intake is always great. That’s what I’m big on,” Beal said, referring to his latest endorsement.?

  ”But no, in all seriousness, I understood what he meant. The world was kicking my [expletive] for sure about it. Social media had a blast. I loved it, though. It was funny. I understood what he meant by it. I definitely take pride in my body and making sure that I’m ready to go.

  ”This offseason is definitely different than years past. I kind of had to ramp up my getting back on the court process and getting my body back right, so I didn’t lose much mass. I wasn’t out of shape a lot, so it was very easy for me to pick up where I left off from the season and go from there. I’m happy with his comments. No offense, none taken.”


  Beal has a good sense of humor about being one of the NBA’s most commonly memed players. He embraces?’Crime Tape Beal’ and his famous shrug when a fan insulted him.?The latter has even been immortalized in NBA 2K.