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[are skinny jeans still in style]Why the end of skinny jeans is good news for Irish women

  We thought that the reign of skinny jeans would never end. Worn by everyone from politicians to models, there was no escaping the skinny trend for the past 15 years.

  Skinnies have been in style since 2005 and we can blame Kate Moss for that. Our all-time favourite model stepped out at Glastonbury with then-boyfriend Pete Doherty in skinny jeans and just like, a trend was born.

  Where Kate Moss goes, the fashion world follows, and it wasn’t long before we all were trying to squeeze into our skinny jeans. And we are still doing it over a decade later.

  The thing is, many Irish women fall into the pear-shaped category, and if you’re a pear, skinny jeans are not your friend.

  Skinny jeans do not do pears any favours, as they emphasise the widest part of you, which is your hips. For us Irish pears, we have been wearing the most unflattering cut of jeans imaginable for a very long time.

  Which is why the end of skinny jeans is good news for many of us.

  Currently, the 1970s is coming back with a bang. From kitsch interiors to the shag haircut, all things 70s are on-trend. This includes wide-legged jeans and flares.

  Flares are heaven sent if you are pear-shaped as the kick-flare balances out your hips and are a really flattering cut. They also look great with flats or heels and are versatile.

  Wide-legged jeans, also look great on pears as they skim over your hips, thin your thighs, and give a great silhouette. Jeans that work with you rather than against you, what’s not to love?

  Flares have already infiltrated the high street so there are plenty of options to choose from, Lennon Courtney’s offering available at Dunnes Stores is a particular favourite of ours. Check out more options below and say goodbye to skinnies forever!