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[preppy fashion]The Eight Best Blair Waldorf Fashion Moments

  Without a doubt, the fashion in CW’s Gossip Girl made the show. The wardrobe of each character represented the 2000s and their persona perfectly; however, the looks of Blair Waldorf defined the shows fashion impact.

  From headbands to high end designers, Blair set her own fashion trends. Each of her looks, preppy or chic, made a statement.

  Gossip Girl embodied high fashion and style during its time on air. Without a doubt one can expect everything and more regarding fashion in the reboot, but, in the meantime, here eight iconic Blair Waldorf fashion moments from the original series.

  Blair’s ice skating outfit

  slideshow  Source: Refinery29 & Eonlineslideshow Source: Refinery29 & Eonline

  This preppy ice skating getup is definitely an underrated Blair fashion moment. Everything from the pink pom-poms on her skates to to the pink detailing of her wool skirt fit perfectly together. As if ice skating didn’t require grace enough, Blair has elevated the class of the sport with this cute yet sophisticated look.

  The Age of Innocence?

   Credit: The CWslideshow Credit: The CW

  The detailing of this dress with the exaggerated sleeves and enormous broach center-piece is a look only Blair Waldorf could wear and rock. This dress is perfect for Blair’s dramatics, both on stage and in her true character.

  Blair’s senior prom dress

   Credit: The CWslideshow Credit: The CW

  Blair’s prom dress ball gown was the epitome of a princess in a fairytale story. The strapless Marchesa dress speaks for itself with the gold feather design and detailing. This dress embodies Blair’s “Queen B” persona making her look like actual royalty.

  This lace-covered look

   Credit: The CWslideshow Credit: The CW

  Blair made looking poised and preppy cool and desirable with her earliest looks in the series. What was once considered conservative, snobby and stuffy became chic, stylish and poised. This neutral and black lace look is the perfect example of how Blair revived and revitalized the typical preppy image and made it classy. A look no other character could have pulled off.

  Blair’s Saints & Sinners “Dress”?

   Credit: The CWslideshow Credit: The CW

  I might be wrong, but I think this was the birth of the slip dress trend. When Blair blows off Mrs. Archibald and her uptight ladies to join Chuck at his Saints & Sinners ball, where she goes dressed as a sinner, this look made waves. Of course, even in her undergarments Blair looks as stylish and put together as ever.

  The Oscar de la Renta gown

   Credit: The CWslideshow Credit: The CW

  Personally this red dress Blair wears in season four is my favorite look from the entire series. This Oscar de la Renta gown is, without a doubt, one of her most iconic looks and was the perfect fit for this episode. The dress steals the show during this heartbreaking scene between Blair and Chuck.

  Season Four Episode 22: “The Wrong Goodbye”

   Credit: The CWslideshow Credit: The CW

  This detailing and royalty of this dress speak for itself. Blair looks like a crowned jewel.

  Blair’s Elie Saab Wedding Dress?

   Credit: The CWslideshow Credit: The CW

  It would be remiss not to include Blair’s wedding dress in the mix. For all a classy traditionalist Blair is in the show, the choice for a non-traditional wedding dress (though it was her second wedding) was unusual, but, of course, the look delivers ultimate grace and eclectic style — just like Blair. The dress also represents the phrase “something blue, something borrowed” perfectly, and its uniqueness and dramatics match the relationship and union of Blair and Chuck.