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[gen z fashion trends]Gen Z aesthetic: Fun Gen Z fashion trends of the year to shop today!

  Generation Z, also known as Gen Z or the ‘Zoomers’ are the demographic preceding Gen Alpha and succeeding the Millenials. Typically born between the years 1997 to 2012, this is the generation of young adults who are the most active on social media today. Most are using it to collectively create and indulge in new and rather fast-paced trends. Their fashion choices propagated via social media have led to the resurgence of wild, fun and noteworthy trends in the world of fashion.?

  Gen Z is deemed the most inclusive, health-conscious, body positive and environment-conscious, so it seems wise to listen to them every once in a while. Whether you are obsessed with them as we are or you think they are silly, Gen Z and their loud, unapologetic aesthetic is here to stay and cannot be ignored! Here are 4 major trends from this generation that you should know about to elevate your wardrobe in 2021!?

  1. Baguette bags

  The 90s are back and Gen Z reinvented some of the best trends back into fashion! If there is any accessory to epitomise the 90s, it is surely the baguette bag, especially after Sex and The City established baguettes as the ‘It’ bag. In 2021, Gen Z is experimenting with vibrant colours and dynamic textures on micro and baguette bags like the following to give an extra edge to their outfits.?

  Brown Boss Snake Print Vegan Leather Baguette

  ? 1,299.00 – Buy Now.

  Van Heusen Black Shoulder Bag

  ? 1,420.00 – Buy Now.

  2. Cow prints

  The ‘F’ in fashion stands for fun, and Gen Z hit the nail on the head with the quirky and eccentric cow prints! While other kinds of animal prints can work their way into sensual and even formal wear, cow prints have made the others ‘moo’ove aside as the most fun print of the season, and are right up the alley of every Gen Z fashion enthusiast! From garments to accessories, these are versatile – see for yourself!?

  Brown Boss Suede Cow Print Baguette

  ? 1,399.00 – Buy Now.

  TyranT Cow Print Bucket Hat

  ? 299.00 – Buy Now.

  3. Scarf tops

  These chic tops are inspired by the early 2000s era of fashion, and we are glad this easy and comfortable fit came back just in time for the summer! In cheerful colours and vibrant prints, these are the most chic ways to bring laidback and bold styles into mainstream fashion. These are very versatile as well – you can pair these with flared or straight jeans, a wrap skirt or even shorts!

  Paisley Cami Scarf Top

  ? 990.00 – Buy Now.

  Hermyne Satin Scarf/Bandanna Top

  ? 499.00 – Buy Now.

  4. Retro sunglasses

  Tiny, slim sunglasses – especially elongated and cat eye frames are the latest Gen Z obsession that don’t hold back from serving some revamped 90s vibes. Experimentation with vibrant tinted lenses, stylised frames and animal prints are welcome with the unusual modern aesthetic of the youth this summer. The 8-bit pixelated frame brings a quirky nostalgic element, and the leopard print cat eye is the ultimate chic accessory for your Gen Z- inspired outfit.

  Augen 8-bit Pixel Style Unisex Suglasses

  ? 349.00 – Buy Now.



  Generic Leopard Print Cat Eye SUnglasses

  ? 411.00 – Buy Now.