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[comfortable supportive bra]The 6 Best Yoga Bras, According to an Instructor

  collage of three of the best yoga bras isolated on a blush background

  The best yoga bra has a comfortable fabric with a light amount of support.

  Image Credit: LIVESTRONG.com

  Yoga is all about freedom of movement and listening to your body. And your body’s telling you that for the best practice, you need a good bra.

  With a yoga-specific bra, you can move from plank to downward dog with more ease (and comfort) than ever. Here, yogis share five of the best yoga bras and how to find the right fit, stretch and support for you.


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  Lululemon Free to Be Serene Bra Light Support Image Credit: Lululemon/LIVESTRONG.com

  ?Sizes: ?2-14

  ?Support:? light

  ?Underwire: ?no

  ?Fabric: ?nylon, Lycra, elastane

  Designed specifically for yoga, this bra offers just the amount of support needed during a vinyasa flow or hot yoga class. You get compression without feeling overly restricted in your chest.


  But the best part about this product is the material, according to Kells McPhillips, a California-based certified yoga instructor.

  ”I am obsessed with the soft fabric,” she says. “It feels like butter and it won’t uncomfortably rub against your skin while you move your arms above your head.”

  ?Buy it:? Lululemon.com; ?Price: ?$52

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  Nike Infinalon Crop Top Image Credit: Nike/LIVESTRONG.com

  ?Sizes:? XS (0-2)-2XL (20-22)

  ?Support: ?light

  ?Underwire: ?no

  ?Fabric: ?nylon, Spandex, polyester

  Airy is the best way to describe Nike’s Crop yoga bra top. Thanks to the open back and breathable fabric, this pick keeps you cool throughout your entire practice, McPhillips says.


  The dri-FIT material also wicks sweat off the body, preventing chafe and discomfort.

  ?Buy it: ?Nike.com; ?Price:? $50

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  Alo Yoga Airlift Fitness Bra Image Credit: Alo/LIVESTRONG.com

  ?Sizes: ?XS (2-4)-L (12-14)

  ?Support: ?medium

  ?Underwire: ?no

  ?Fabric: ?Airlift synthetic

  This pick’s high neckline is great for a more intense, quick-paced yoga class, according to McPhillips.


  She especially recommends this one for larger chest sizes because it offers greater support than other yoga bras do, and without restricting movement.

  ?Buy it: ?AloYoga.com; ?Price: ?$68

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  Athleta Recharge Bra Image Credit: Athleta/LIVESTRONG.com

  ?Sizes: ?XXS-XL

  ?Support: ?medium

  ?Underwire: ?no

  ?Fabric: ?organic cotton

  McPhillips loves this bra for its seamless design and removable padding.

  Since it’s cotton-based (meaning it can easily absorb sweat), use it for lighter and restorative practices.

  ?Buy it: ?Athleta.com; ?Price:? $54

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  Girlfriend Collective FLOAT Cleo Bra Image Credit: Girlfriend Collective/LIVESTRONG.com

  ?Sizes: ?XXS-6XL

  ?Support: ?light

  ?Underwire:? no

  ?Fabric: ?recycled plastic bottles, spandex

  Girlfriend Collective is known for its ultra-soft fabric and this yoga bra delivers. This light-support bra is ideal for restorative, slow-paced yoga classes, according to McPhillips.

  ”You’ve gotta love the sustainability factor here, too,” she says. “It’s made out of recycled materials and you can even recycle it when you’re ready for a new one.”

  ?Buy it: ?Girlfriend.com; ?Price: ?$38

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  Paige Masectomy Wrap Front Sports Bra Image Credit: Anaono/LIVESTRONG.com

  ?Sizes: ?XS (30)-XXL (40)

  ?Support: ?light

  ?Underwire: ?no

  ?Fabric: ?synthetic

  When you’re shopping for a post-mastectomy bra, comfort is a big priority and Anaono’s wrap front bra is worth considering. McPhillips especially likes the breathable mesh straps on the back and the adjustable hook closure.

  Plus, this bra offers light support, meaning it won’t overly compress or press on your chest.

  ?Buy it: ?Anaono.com; ?Price: ?$54

  Everyone’s chest size and shape is a little different, so find a bra that’s suited for your cup size, according to McPhillips. Although yoga is generally low-impact and doesn’t involve a lot of fast-paced movement, not everyone feels comfortable with a light support bra (more on that below).

  Larger cup sizes may feel better in a bra that’s cup-size-specific. These are more supportive and will feel a little more like an everyday bra.

  Also, pay attention to the circumference of the bra you buy. You want it to fits comfortably around your torso, just as it does your chest. Before you buy from a new company, check the sizing details to make sure the circumference fits.

  When you’re in downward dog, you want a top that keeps your chest in place. So, people with larger cup sizes can benefit from higher neckline and more support, McPhillips says. People with a smaller chest may prefer a lower cut option.

  Although she doesn’t love an underwire, McPhillips says it’s a personal preference. Those who feel more comfortable with the extra support the wire provides should buy that style sports bra.

  The same goes for adjustable straps. These make the bra a little more customizable, especially if you’re someone who has a smaller chest but wider back.

  While you might want a more technical, compressive fabric for high-impact workouts, McPhillips like a soft, comfortable bra for her yoga classes.

  ”Unless you’re doing a Bikram class, you probably won’t get too sweaty during yoga,” she says. So, you don’t necessarily need a sweat-wicking bra (which usually aren’t as comfortable).

  Cotton and Lycra fabrics are two to look for when shopping for a comfortable yoga bra.

  Whereas your running or weight-lifting sports bras may be a little pricier, your yoga bras don’t need to break the bank, according to McPhillips. Generally, bras for high-intensity exercise are more pricey because they’re built with high support and more technical fabric.

  When it comes to yoga, it’s totally cool to opt for a cheaper option, she says.

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