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[best astrology birth chart]Tatler’s Weekly Horoscope: Week of July 18-24

  Tatler's Weekly Horoscope: Week of July 18-24

  Here’s what to expect this week (Illustration: Chesca Gamboa/ Tatler Asia)

  By Tatler Hong Kong

  July 18, 2021

  Power dynamics, light-hearted fun, and finding clarity from Saturday’s Full Moon in Aquarius will be the themes of this week. This is Tatler’s weekly horoscope for July 18 to 24.

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  Welcome back to our weekly astrology series led by Hong Kong-based Western astrologer, De Rui.

  Powerful forces test us at the beginning of the week, before we let our hair down to have some fun. Sharing your hopes and dreams with friends during Saturday’s Full Moon could be very fulfilling.

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  Star signs impacted the most: Cancer, Leo, and Capricorn are most empowered.

  Dwarf planet Pluto’s small astronomical size belies its power, and this week we can really feel its pull. Themes of control and power dynamics can be highlighted as Pluto contacts Venus, the Sun, and Mars. Trying to placate people who are unreasonable isn’t always healthy in the long run, so stand up for yourself if the situation calls for it.

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