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[how to stretch jeans]How to Stretch the Waistline of Your Pants for a Little Extra Room

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  Begin the same way you would with elastic waistbands by stretching the pants on the ironing board. You can also use the back of a chair, a cutting board, or another hard heat-resistant surface. Dampen the pants with a spray bottle or sponge so that they’re visibly damp, then put the iron on the steam setting and iron along the waistline. At the same time, tug and pull on the pants’ waist, stretching them as you go along. Try on the pants to check the size, and repeat as needed.

  Denim is an even tougher material than slacks, but it still stretches with a little help.?Tips Bulletin shows several ways to stretch out the waistline of your jeans, including going the uncomfortable route of getting in the bathtub with them and wearing wet clothes.


  If you want to go that route, fill the tub with warm water and get in with your jeans on and buttoned, and make sure your pants are completely soaked before getting out. Afterward, towel dry and walk around for half an hour doing lunges, squats, or anything else to stretch out the pants and waist.?

  You can also try the same ironing technique used for slacks, which is probably a lot less uncomfortable. Just put the jeans on and moisten them with warm water using a spray bottle or washcloth. Then take the jeans off and stretch them around a hanger inside their waistline, making sure the hanger is wide enough to stretch out a little. Let your pants dry on the hanger, and try them on for again and repeat with a larger hanger, if needed.