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[go piss girl]Drunk nation: why do British people drink so?much?

  Friday afternoon in Sheffield and heavy drizzle is moving in off its famous seven hills as I walk to West Street, the city’s booze alley and quite possibly the world capital of the strawpedo (an ingenious straw-based technique for “downing” drinks). It’s proper Yorkshire weather out, but the after-work crowd doesn’t care. It’s been a long week, a long 18 months if we’re honest, and people are thirsty.

  To the Forum Kitchen & Bar first then, for a pint and some pizza to soak up what’s coming next. It’s all colleagues and co-workers at this stage of the evening, gossiping and bitching about their bosses. Huddled under an inadequate umbrella I meet Leah Carr and Dave Woodcock, two mates who work at a sixth-form college