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[eric clapton pattie boyd]WATCH NOW: Virginia Heffernan: Eric Clapton’s not God, just another vile anti-vaxxer

  Throughout the pandemic, Clapton has joined in criticism of the COVID-19 lockdown, as if governments were just 1960s priggish parents grounding kids for smoking grass.

  He played on an anti-lockdown track by fellow science-denier Van Morrison. Then he started citing nutjobs and YouTube videos as evidence of conspiracies around the pandemic.

  But Clapton also chose to get vaccinated. (It’s almost as if he didn’t want to contract a deadly disease.)

  After his second shot, he alleged that the vaccine left him with a 10-day flare-up of pain in his hands and feet, possibly — he implied — related to the peripheral neuropathy he suffers from. Neuropathy is the result of an injury to the nerves. It can be caused by alcoholism. Clapton has long admitted his alcoholic history.

  On Wednesday, Clapton announced that he won’t play in venues that require audiences to show proof of vaccination. Clearly old Slowhand is willing to create superspreader events, secure in the knowledge the coronavirus is unlikely to infect him.

  Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who, like Clapton, is vaccinated, immediately tweeted his admiration: “Bravo, Eric Clapton. Artists should defend individual Liberty.”

  Here we go. Vaccinated celebrity-types discouraging vaccination for the masses. Worse: making vaccine hesitancy seem heroic, a revolt against tyranny. For art. And just as the delta variant delivers death around the world.