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[how to make a wig]Sault College students organizing awareness campaign for wig clinic


  Students in Sault College’s hairstyling program are raising awareness of a program designed to help those dealing with hair loss and remove the stigma of wearing wigs. That that end, they’re organizing the “Wigged Out Walk-a-Thon” in support of the college’s Wig Clinic.

  ”As a student myself, I was unaware that the college had a wig clinic,” says Kayla Matthews, coordinator of the event.

  ”So this year, with COVID, we decided that we would go in the direction of an awareness campaign and let everyone know that we do offer that service, and I think it’s a great service for the community.”

  For the last seven years, the Sault College Wig Clinic has been providing wigs and other hair services for women dealing with hair loss. One of the aims of the awareness campaign is to end the stigma of wig wearing.

  ”It’s sad to see people lose so much confidence from losing their hair,” says Madeline Dick, a student of the college’s hairstyling program.

  ”We just really want to end the stigma of wig wearing and make it somewhat normal and help people feel better about themselves because it’s super sad to see people lose all their confidence from losing their hair.”

  Matthews points out that wigs can also be very expensive, which is why she says the services provided by the Wig Clinic are so important.

  ”I think it’s awesome that everyone should have an opportunity to feel confident and happy again after going through whatever they were going through,” she says.

  Dick, meantime, says giving people confidence is a big reason why she’s learning the hairstyling trade.

  ”I just want to learn as much as I can and just really make people feel good about themselves,” she says.

  ”It’s really rewarding to see.”

  The “Wigged Out Walk-a-Thon” runs from August 6 to 14, and you can participate through Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #WiggedOutWalkAThon.

  There’s no cost to participate and no registration required. For those dealing with hair loss, whether its as a result of cancer treatments or other medical condition, you can apply to receive a free wig by contacting the Sault College Wig Clinic.